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Little News Ears is a podcast for parents, teachers, and anybody who wants to learn about the news in a simple and different way. With 10 different shows and counting, it is made for kids to improve their critical thinking skills and ultimately increase their understanding of democracy. Kids are free to make any type of news as long as it is based on the truth! All episodes are curated (and occasionally written) by Dan Buck, a school leader at an independent school in Texas with 20 years of experience as a teacher and school leader around the world. There are several types of show, including longer and more in-depth shows (e.g., BoxerBlu & Bram and Dragon Ranger Owl) and shorter headline shows that focus on many different types of news, including the black community, LGBTQ issues, and a favorite for many kids: weird and gross news! Little News Ears hits the big issues in news with sensitivity toward different points of view. First time listening? Please be aware that Little News Ears aims to be positive, inspiring, challenging, funny, and educational--but it is something quite different than typical media for a 4 year old and up...

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Little News Ears - Kiki's Kidlines - 6-19-2020

It's June 19, 2020. Kiki 'kidifies' headlines about DACA, The Supreme Court, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Facebook, Tulsa, and the unemployment rate.


 2020-06-20  1m

Little News Ears - Kiki's Kidlines - 6-23-2020

It's June 23, 2020. Kiki 'kidifies' headlines about Brazil's rising Covid-19 rate, a k-pop TikTok prank on Donald Trump, Trump's desire for AOC to become a senator, a wandering bear in White Plains, NY, and a possible second wave of Covid-19 in the fall.


 2020-06-24  1m

Little News Ears - Kiki's Kidlines - 6-24-2020

It's June 24, 2020. Kiki 'kidifies' headlines about protesters in DC taking down a Confederate statue and a stinky durian fruit causing trouble in Germany. The Hajj to Saudi Arabia is strongly affected by Covid-19 and though the US is opening, Covid-19 t...


 2020-06-24  2m

Little News Ears - Kiki's Kidlines - 6-25-2020

It's June 25, 2020. Kiki 'kidifies' headlines about Asian American doctors being spit on, MLB coming back, Madison Cawthorn, The EU, and Dove Soap.


 2020-06-25  1m

LNE - World Kidlines with Paxton 6-30-2020: Burundi, locusts, Women's World Cup, Japan

It's June 30, 2020. Paxton 'kidifies' world headlines about a swarm of locusts, a Women's World Cup announcement for 2023, budgets for British schools, female representation in Burundi, and how Covid-19 is affecting shopping in Japan.


 2020-06-30  2m

LNE - Chooki & Pleep - 7-13-7-18 - Science and Sports - Fight Island and the Neowise Comet

Chooki and Pleep are here to give you the kidlines about science and sports! Today they talk about F1 debuting this year in Tuscany, UFC events on Fight Island, the Neowise comet, new missions to Mars, and baseball being back in Japan.


 2020-07-15  2m

LNE - Kiki's Kidlines - Ivanka Trump and Goya beans

It's July 16, 2020, Kiki 'kidifies' headlines about Ivanka Trump and Goya beans and Bob Unanue, the Enchroma company, The National Environmental Protection Act, and Mitch McConnell, and tuna


 2020-07-16  2m

LNE - KK - 6-20-20: New MLB Rules: No Showering, No Spitting

It's June 26, 2020. Kiki 'kidifies' headlines about rising Covid-19 rates in Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and South Carolina; Disney delaying the release of Mulan, Disneyland delaying its reopening, new MLB rules: no showering, no spitting, and the theft of...


 2020-08-29  1m

LNE - Kiki's Kidlines 6-30-2020 - Israel Shuts Down a Christian TV Station

It's June 30, 2020. Kiki 'kidifies' headlines about Iran and Trump, Broadway, Bill de Blasio defunding the NYCPD, Israel, and Covid-19 medical bills.


 2020-08-29  1m

Little News Ears (YouTube): Precious Presents Pageantry!

It's May 28, 2022. In this episode, Precious walks the viewers through preparing for a pageant and presents breaking news. She also interviews a special guest.


 2022-06-17  5m