Lost in Translationmon - A Digimon Podcast

A Digimon podcast comparing the English dub and the original Japanese version and various other things, such as Digimon Adventure: and the Digimon Adventure novelisation. Hosted by Digimon fanatic and veteran May and joined by various friends. Chosen Children, let's roll!


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episode 34: Episode 30 - The One Who Inherits Pretentiousness

We start Digimon Adventure 02 and Jay is unexcited, May is upset about removing Japanese food, we discuss some plotholes and May is...


 2015-12-04  1h44m

episode 35: Episode 31 - Irony Vegiemon

The chosen children go into the Digital World and fight a bunch of dinosaurs. Sometimes bugs. Sometimes evil teddybears. Always puns....


 2015-12-11  2h7m

episode 36: Episode 32 - Purity, Prunes And Picnics

Old reliable? Who could it possibly be referring to? We find the first decent episodes of 02 but the dub writers still remove conflict...


 2015-12-18  1h35m

episode 37: Special 5 - Holiday Special (The True Meaning Of Digmas)

May and Jay sit down, drink some eggnog and talk about the true meaning of Christmas and other holiday-time cliches (also something...


 2015-12-23  23m

episode 38: Episode 33 - Distracted By The Plot

Ken is the Digimon Emperor? We're all very shocked by this revelation and we learn a lot and Willis is mentioned and Jay is still...


 2015-12-25  1h29m

episode 39: Episode 34 - DigiWar Never Changes

May gets excited over more screentime for Airdramon while a Digimon bad guy does something actually smart for once and Jay enjoys that....


 2016-01-01  1h33m

episode 40: Episode 35 - Translationmon I'm Your Friend!

May is far too excited for multiple reasons in this episode of Lost in Translationmon and Jay is unimpressed and underwhelmed by the...


 2016-01-08  2h2m

episode 41: Episode 36 - The Call Of Cthulhumon

Is filler better than plot? We get even more Airdramon screentime and May is unsure about why kill something that may not really be...


 2016-01-15  1h56m

episode 42: Special 6 - DeTRImination (Ain't No Lie Baby Tri Tri Tri)

We dive into the new Digimon Tri PV for Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter Two. We make far too many Wrestling references for a Digimon...


 2016-01-17  25m

episode 43: Episode 37 - The Crest Of Whatever Is Left

May and Jay sleepily discuss episodes 15 and 16 and May is sick of the dub's lies and admits that maybe Iori's character has been...


 2016-01-22  1h43m