Lost in Translationmon - A Digimon Podcast

A Digimon podcast comparing the English dub and the original Japanese version and various other things, such as Digimon Adventure: and the Digimon Adventure novelisation. Hosted by Digimon fanatic and veteran May and joined by various friends. Chosen Children, let's roll!


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episode 69: Episode 57 - Card Captor Takato

We dive into the first two episodes of Tamers. Jay already has problems that arise from following the script and Ruru is...


 2016-06-17  1h30m

episode 70: Episode 58 - CarLateral Damage

We continue to get excited and optimistic about Digimon and we talk mostly about relationships between Digimon and partner and how each...


 2016-06-24  1h41m

episode 71: Episode 59 - Nice Friends Ya Got There, Calumon

We're goggle boys in this episode because that's a word used to describe people now apparently. We keep trying to make...


 2016-07-01  1h55m

episode 72: Episode 60 - Friendship Tsundere

We get our first weak episode of the season, May is still annoyed by how much characters talk in the English dub because silence is now...


 2016-07-08  1h29m

episode 73: Episode 61 - No More Mr Ice Guy

May keeps using the word edgelord and is confused whether giving side characters more depth is a good or a bad thing, Jay has a...


 2016-07-15  1h30m

episode 74: Episode 62 - Some Mon Just Want To Watch The World Burn

May and Jay have trouble recalling the first episode and then hypothesise that Hypnos is just Vamdemon and Oikawa again but Yamaki...


 2016-07-22  1h29m

episode 75: Episode 63 - Pretty Fly For A Shaggai

Yamaki would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling kids and their dumb Digeemen. Jay is worried Vamdemon is back...


 2016-07-29  2h2m

episode 76: Special 12 - Odaiba Day 2016 - Interview With A Mummymon

May and May's Mum talk about Digimon and Digimon memories as well as discuss the episode of Digimon Adventure 'Flower...


 2016-07-31  16m

episode 77: Special 13 - The Why Of Tri

May and Jay speculate and discuss about the recently released Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 3 PV. And clearly...


 2016-08-02  23m

episode 78: Episode 64 - Birds, Snakes, A Train?

(It's the end of the world as we know it). WE, THE PODCASTERS, HAVE RETURNED for another...


 2016-08-05  1h48m