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GarageBand Live Loops (#1171)

Live Loops is a new feature of GarageBand for iOS that makes it easy and fun to create music.


 2016-02-03  n/a

Using Find and Replace In TextEdit and Other Apps (#1170)

Find and replace is useful tool for writers, editors and anyone who works with large word processing documents.


 2016-02-01  n/a

Clipboard History Managers (#1169)

Perhaps one of the most useful things you can add to your app is a clipboard history manager.


 2016-01-27  n/a

Music Memos (#1168)

Apple released a new free app for iPhone and iPad this week that allows music creators to easily capture new ideas.


 2016-01-25  n/a

Recovering Deleted Files From iCloud Drive (#1167)

Deleting a file from iCloud Drive means that it is deleted across all of your devices.


 2016-01-20  n/a

How To Launch Apps On the Mac (#1166)

If an app isn't in your Dock, you can easily find it and launch it one of several common ways.


 2016-01-18  n/a

Simple Custom Icons (#1165)

Learn how to create custom icons using on the Finder and Preview.


 2016-01-13  n/a

Siri Alternatives For Your iPhone (#1164)

Both Google and Microsoft offer voice assistant apps that you can download for your iPhone or iPad for free.


 2016-01-11  n/a

Fun With Mac Calendar Printing (#1163)

The Print function in the El Capital Mac Calendar app offers a ton of options.


 2016-01-06  n/a

How Old Is Too Old? (#1162)

Is it time for a new Mac, iPhone or iPad? The answer depends on what you use your device for and your budget.


 2016-01-04  n/a