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Reinstall macOS (#1286)

If you need to take the extreme step of reinstalling macOS Sierra, you can do so using Recovery mode.


 2016-12-07  n/a

Erase and Completely Reset Your Mac (#1285)

If you are about to sell or give away an old Mac, it is important to erase it completely and reset it so it is exactly as it was when you first bought it.


 2016-12-06  n/a

Protect Yourself Against Calendar Spam (#1284)

Over the last few weeks many people have been reporting unwanted Calendar invites, usually looking like junk email with a sales pitch and links.


 2016-12-05  n/a

Stabilize Video In iMovie (#1283)

iMovie includes an easy-to-use function that lets you stabilize shaky video.


 2016-12-02  n/a

Create Dictation Commands On Your Mac (#1282)

You can create scripts in Automator that can then be assigned to dictation commands.


 2016-12-01  n/a

Take a Temporary Photo With Your iPhone (#1281)

If you want to take a temporary photo with your iPhone, and not have to remember to delete it from your Photo Library later one, use the Notes app instead.


 2016-11-30  n/a

Convert Text From Uppercase (#1280)

TextEdit and other Mac text editing apps have useful functions for converting text from all caps to lowercase, allowing you to process uppercase text quicker.


 2016-11-29  n/a

Format USB Flash Drives For Mac (#1279)

Most off-the-shelf USB flash drives are formatted for Windows computers.


 2016-11-28  n/a

Request a Refund or Report a Problem With an iTunes Purchase (#1278)

If you have a problem with some you purchased from iTunes or an Apple App Store, you can easily report this problem and request a refund.


 2016-11-23  n/a

Undo Mistakes On Your iPhone or iPad (#1277)

iOS has an undo function that works in a wide variety of apps and situations.


 2016-11-22  n/a