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episode 143: MacVoices #20143: Bryan Chaffin Discusses His Satisfaction Level With Apple's Release Schedules (2)

Part 2 of our discussion with Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer starts with reading in bed with the iPad and ends with...



episode 2007: MacVoices #20007: CES Unveiled - Targus Connects Four 4K Monitors to One USB-C Port

At CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, Vice President of Global Marketing for Targus, Andrew Corkill, introduces a new docking station that can...


 2020-01-12  8m

episode 20001: MacVoices #20001: CES - Sketchboard Pro Improves The iPad for Graphic Professionals

At CES in Las Vegas, JJ Harrison, Founder and Studio Director for Sketchboard Pro explains how their new iPad Pro device not only makes graphic creation more comfortable, but also better.


 2020-01-10  8m

episode 20002: MacVoices #20002: CES - Luminook Lights Up Your Closet Automatically

At CES in Las Vegas, Luminook CEO Christopher Stubbs, MD, discusses the origin of their product that gives you adjustable lighting for your closet, or anywhere else you need it.


 2020-01-10  5m

episode 20003: MacVoices #20003: CES - Fasetto Delivers Your Presentation To Every Device In The Room

At CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, we make up for a past mistake by talking to Fasetto Marketing Channel Manager Steve Walters about their unique presentation product that puts...


 2020-01-11  8m

episode 20004: MacVoices #20004: CES Unveiled - Sengled Announces New Smart Light Option

At CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, Ruochuan Tang, Smart Home IoT Business Development and Sr. Product Manager for Sengled, talks about the hub and new smart lighting options they released at the show.


 2020-01-11  5m

episode 20005: MacVoices #20005: CES Unveiled - Klaxoon Unveils Teamplayer

At CES Unveiled, Anne-Lyse Garçon, Communication and PR Officer for Klaxoon, explains how their new Teamplayer smart, portable console,...


 2020-01-11  5m

episode 20006: MacVoices #20006: CES Unveiled - TandemLED Makes Your Lighting Tunable

At CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, Greg Price of TandemLED introduces their two-wire system that controls...


 2020-01-12  6m

episode 20008: MacVoices #20008: CES Unveiled - AURA Devices' Watch Band Delivers More Health Information

At CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, AURA Devices was showing their Apple Watch strap that can deliver even more health information than the watch itself....


 2020-01-12  4m

episode 20009: MacVoices #20009: CES Unveiled - Caregiver Smart Solutions Helps Keep Seniors At Home

At CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, Ryan Herd, the CEO of Caregiver Smart Solutions, outlines how their system of...


 2020-01-13  7m