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Kelvin and Travis [hr2]: 8/24/16

The guys talk about how Jared Goff is coming along and Jeff Fisher saying he is steady. The guys focus on the Rams secondary defense where there may be a cause of concern... Brian is more optimistic on the Rams defense. What the Rams need from their rece


 2016-08-24  46m

Kelvin and Travis [hr1]: 8/24/16

Kelvin and Brian Kamenetzky, sitting in for Travis, open talking about the recent offensive outburst by the Dodgers putting them in first place; can they keep in up... Clayton Kershaw comments on his throwing practice and whether he will be back this se


 2016-08-24  38m

Kelvin and Travis [hr2]: 8/23/16

Kobe Bryant has started a venture capital group; would you invest your money in it... According to a Bleacher Report, Goff is now the number 3 QB in the Rams depth chart... Rams vs Broncos this weekend; the Broncos, defending Super Bowl Champs, still hav


 2016-08-23  46m

Kelvin and Travis [hr1]: 8/23/16

Kelvin and Travis open talking about the birthdays of Kelvin and Kobe Bryant. The guys look at Team USA and the players that never made it to the Olympics. What makes Draymond Green so good... Ryan Lochte loses some endorsements. Michael Phelps has h


 2016-08-23  38m

Kelvin and Travis [HR 2]: 8/22/16

Kelvin announces his plans for his birthday and Travis is confused in what he is planning. The QB battle for the Rams heats up as Travis and Kelvin discuss who should start once the regular season begins. Dodgers are in sole possession of first place des


 2016-08-22  48m

Kelvin and Travis [HR 1]: 8/22/16

Kelvin and Travis are working together again for the first time in weeks and they are excited! The 2016 Summer Olympics are coming to a close and the guys discus this years event. They also discuss the persona of Usain Bolt.


 2016-08-22  39m

Kelvin and Travis [hr2]: 8/19/16

Is there any Olympic sporting event that people freak out over more than USA Basketball... Andy feels D'Angelo Russell is excited about the coming season and the new coaching staff. The guys have fun reminiscing about Bryan Scott and examine UCLA's Josh


 2016-08-19  47m

Kelvin and Travis [hr1]: 8/19/16

Brian and Andy Kamenetzky, sitting in for Kelvin and Travis open talking about the strange continuing Olympic saga of Ryan Lochte and his gas station vandalizing comrades. Players accused for alleged steroid use by a Al-Jazeera report that was recanted,


 2016-08-19  37m

Kelvin and Travis [hr2]: 8/18/16

A Ryan Lochte update and the guys come up with a movie scenario with Ryan Lochte on the run... How athletes manipulate social media to increase their brand and pocket book. Brian asks if Peyton Manning screwed over the other players by talking to the NF


 2016-08-18  47m

Kelvin and Travis [hr1]: 8/18/16

Brian Kamenetzky and Jeff Katz, sitting in for Kelvin and Travis open talking about the Ryan Lochte story in Rio and his personal character. Is Ryan Lochte going to be extradited to Brazil... Jeff thinks it's a distraction to have the Rams on Hard Knocks


 2016-08-18  39m