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The Music Daily Show was created to inform, inspire and motivate up and coming artist, producers, singers, writers, musicians and entertainers. Everyday we'll talk to someone who has gained success with their gifts.

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Episode 261- Nekita Waller- Sometimes you’ve gotta take the time to recharge yourself.

Nekita Waller is a super talented artist, singer songwriter from Bloomfield, Ct.


 April 21, 2016  18m

Episode 260- Natasha Smith- Don’t compare yourself to others. You need to go on your own journey.

Natasha is a super talented artist, singer and songwriter from Manchester, UK.


 April 20, 2016  19m

Episode 259- Daniel Sing-No one has your personality or attitude, so do you.

Daniel Sing is a super talented musician out of Sydney Australia.


 April 19, 2016  28m

 April 18, 2016  18m

Episode 257- Stro You’re stronger than whatever is in front of you.

Stro is a super talented artist, MC reppin Atlanta, Ga.


 April 17, 2016  20m

Episode 256- Trey Tuck–Push through the pain. Even learn how to master the pain.

Trey Tuck is a super talented MC out of Bristol, CT.


 April 16, 2016  22m

Episode 255- J. Dexter–Don’t look at it as a low point. Look at it as a learning experience.

Dexter is a super talented producer, songwriter from Baton Rogue, Louisiana.


 April 15, 2016  14m

Episode 254- Raoule–Someone is going through something far worse. They need to survive because they’re important.

Raoule is a super talented artist, producer, musician originally from Dominican Republic now residing in South Florida,


 April 14, 2016  24m

 April 13, 2016  19m

Episode 252–Quik Nik- I’m all about my name, my work and what it goes on.

Nik is a super talented entrepreneur, celebrity hairstylist from LA.


 April 12, 2016  18m