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episode 10: Jeff Berney's Journey from Ad Agency Pro to Novelist

Alex is joined by novelist Jeff Berney, who released his second novel in October 2022, The Fall of Faith. It’s a gritty domestic thriller about love, faith, and the consequences of doing whatever it takes to survive in the small forgotten town of Eden, Missouri, somewhere between Bentonville and Kansas City.

“Faith comes in many forms. It can take years to find and seconds to lose...


 December 15, 2022  47m

episode 11: Pietro La Greca Jr. on Living with Mexico’s Real-Life Godfather

Don’t miss this gripping conversation where we learn about life with the man the Mexican Narcos called "the most honorable criminal we ever worked with” as well as run-ins with a future king, tales of paternal cruelty, and even a bit of “Better Call Saul.”

Dubbed “Mexico’s real-life Don Corleone,” Pietro La Greca Sr. ran the biggest money laundering scheme in Mexican history. But his crimes soon caught up with him—and made an enemy of his son, Pietro La Greca Jr...


 December 22, 2022  36m

episode 12: End of the Year Megasode with Lucas Hardwick


Film critic and screenwriter Lucas Hardwick returns to the show for an extended MEGASODE with Alex chatting about film criticism, horror, Joe Bob Briggs, collectibles, comics, ANDOR and STAR WARS fan exhaustion, the obsession with backstory in the sci-fi genre these days, STAR TREK PICARD, the Inglorious Treksperts podcast, and so much more...


 December 29, 2022  1h27m