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episode 31: Love, Mystery, and Bullies with David E. Feldman

Today we meet David E. Feldman, author of The Dora Ellison Mystery Series, a 5-book (so far) series starring a detective couple who happens to be lesbian. Dora is a sweet martial arts savant with a violent streak stemming from childhood trauma. She especially loathes bullies.

Feldman is also author of The Neighborhood, a novel about four families in the then-all-white town of Valley Stream, N.Y., one of whom is the first family of color in the neighborhood...


 2023-04-18  35m

episode 32: Being Frank with Jane Biondi Munna

Jane Biondi Munna joins us to share the story of her father, media executive Frank Biondi, and how the importance of treating people with fairness and integrity was the hallmark of his life and career. She is co-author of “Let’s Be Frank,” with her late father, who ran HBO, Viacom, and Universal Studios over the course of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, building many franchises you still love such as Seinfeld and Law and Order...


 2023-04-20  33m

episode 33: Trek Takes 10 Finale: The Last Generation

Welcome to episode ten of a special bonus series on Mysterious Goings On...TREK TAKES. What is TREK TAKES? Well, ⁠Star Trek⁠ fans... PICARD is back for the third and final season. As a lifelong fan of the series and a critic of the franchise's direction over the past few years, Alex will talk with film critic and writer⁠ Lucas Hardwick⁠, sharing their "first takes" on every episode--coming at you every Friday morning throughout the 10-episode season three...


 2023-04-21  1h25m

episode 35: Trek Takes LIVE!

Author Alex Greenwood (John Pilate Mysteries) and film critic Lucas Hardwick (Apes on Film) host a special finale edition of Mysterious Goings On’s TREK TAKES, discussing the season finale of Star Trek Picard and other Trek topics. They are joined by special guests including Clint G., Subcommander Tal, Andrew M., The Undiscovered Mugato, author Jason McIntyre (Dovetail Cove Series), Have Phaser, Won’t Use Transporter, and more for a rollicking good time talking Trek...


 2023-04-23  1h30m

episode 35: Jordan Hampton's Ignition 2084

Jordan Hampton joins us to discuss his award-winning dystopian novel, Ignition 2084, which is set in a war-torn future America. Hampton describes his writing style as character-driven fiction.

"As elaborate as the environments are in the stories I tell and as brutal as the battles they fight can be, everything ultimately serves the joint purpose of exploring complicated social issues through the lenses of characters that would be affected by it in real life...


 2023-04-27  28m


Author Alex Greenwood (⁠John Pilate Mysteries⁠) and film critic Lucas Hardwick (⁠Apes on Film⁠) host a special finale edition of Mysterious Goings On’s TREK TAKES, discussing the season finale of Star Trek Picard and other Trek topics. They are joined by special guests including Clint G., ⁠Subcommander Tal⁠, Andrew M., ⁠The Undiscovered Mugato⁠, author Jason McIntyre ⁠(Dovetail Cove Series⁠), ⁠Have Phaser, Won’t Use Transporter⁠, and more for a rollicking good time talking Trek...


 2023-04-23  1h38m

episode 36: Dr. Tammy Euliano on Medicine and Mystery

Tammy Euliano’s writing is inspired by her day job as a physician, researcher, and educator at the University of Florida. She’s received numerous teaching awards, ~100,000 views of her YouTube teaching videos, and was featured in a calendar of women inventors. Her debut medical thriller, Fatal Intent, was published by Oceanview in 2021. She shares her journey of pivoting from a career in medicine to writing and publishing her own books...


 2023-05-04  41m

episode 37: Alexa Nazzaro Won’t Let You Publish Crap

Alexa Nazzaro is the founder of Aaxel Author Services, a Montreal-based agency providing authors with turnkey support in editing, book design, and book marketing. Aaxel has worked with more than 100 authors in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia, and has experience in all genres, including non-fiction, memoir, fiction, children's books, coloring books and journals...


 2023-05-11  29m

episode 38: Cozy Spies, Tech Thrillers and More with Anne Louise Bannon

Anne Louise Bannon is a freelance journalist, wine blogger, and author of four books in the Old Los Angeles series, including Death of an Heiress. She and her husband live in Southern California with an assortment of critters. She writes a variety of genres, including cozy spy mysteries, traditional historical fiction, and tech thrillers...


 2023-05-18  36m

episode 39: ChatGPT VS John Pilate

Alex asked ChatGPT about the John Pilate Mystery Series and learned a few things even he didn't know about the it.

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 2023-05-25  12m