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NASA EDGE@ Home: Interview with Jennifer Inman

Capturing visual data from a spacecraft travelling at 17,000 plus miles per hour from a safe distance is a big challenge, and that is exactly what Jennifer Inman and the SCIFLI team do when spacecraft return to Earth.


 2020-05-28  n/a

NE@ Home: Interview with Chris Wohl

You need more than household cleaner to tackle the dust problem on the lunar surface, and NASA Researcher Chris Wohl discusses the many strategies being developed by NASA to keep our equipment and astronauts safe while working on the Moon.


 2020-05-21  n/a

NE@ Home: Interview with Nicky Fox

Franklin checks in with NASA’s Division Chief of Heliophysics, Nicky Fox, to find out how current solar missions for NASA and ESA are providing profound new insight and data about our Sun.


 2020-05-15  n/a

NE@ Home: Interview with Chuck Taylor

Power is a big part of every NASA mission, and Artemis is no exception. Chuck Taylor, from the Space Technology and Exploration Directorate at NASA Langley Research Center, joins the show to talk about how NASA is investigating and developing plans to provide power to all assets heading to the lunar surface.


 2020-05-07  n/a

NE@ Home: Interview with Mic Woltman

NASA EDGE continues their series at home with special guest Mic Woltman from NASA Launch Services Program at NASA Kennedy Space Center.


 2020-04-29  n/a

NASA EDGE Update: Interview with Jim Green

Operating safely from their homes, NASA Chief Scientist Jim Green along with Blair and Franklin from NASA EDGE discuss how NASA is continuing its mission during this unique time of telework and sheltering in place.


 2020-04-24  n/a

NASA EDGE: Solar Orbiter Rollout

NASA EDGE provides live coverage of the Atlas V Rollout for ESA’s Solar Orbiter Mission. With ESA leading the effort on the Solar Orbiter, science is the real winner as both ESA and NASA continue the focus on Heliophysics missions.


 2020-03-02  n/a

NASA EDGE: Navigation Doppler Lidar

NASA EDGE takes a close look at NASA Langley Research Center’s development of Navigation Doppler Lidar (NDL) to provide accurate, surface-relative altitude and vector velocity data to make sure NASA can land spacecraft safely on the Moon and any surface.


 2020-02-14  n/a

NASA EDGE: Apollo, Challenger, Columbia Lessons Learned Program

NASA EDGE sits down with Mike Ciannilli of the Apollo, Challeger, Columbia Lessons Learned Program (ACCLLP) to talk about NASA is using the tragedies of the past to make sure we improve our processes moving forward.


 2020-01-30  n/a

NASA EDGE: MMS in Mixed Reality

NASA EDGE moves between virtual and mixed reality while learning about the new focus for the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS).


 2019-04-08  22m