NC Shop Talk

NC Shop Talk is a no limits interview show that shares never before heard tips, secrets, and hilarious conversations with today's biggest names in the auto, aircraft, & carpet industries. Join Mal Maher, owner of NC Carpet Binding, as he interviews today's most talented craftsmen. You'll pick up some new vendors, how to grow your business, and he'll be asking some wild questions that you've never heard answered before. Connect with Mal and NC Carpet: Website: Instagram: nc_carpet_binding


episode 2: Cato's Custom Upholstery - Your Butt Will Thank Him with Phil Cato

Found an old car in your grandpa's garage? Toss it or restore it? If it's a vintage car, you'd probably want to restore it to its former glory. How do you start? Of course, you want to bring back the stylish look and feel of the car. But don't forget to have those seats customized for utmost comfort. After all, you're going to be spending a lot of time sitting there on road trips...


 June 9, 2021  23m

episode 1: Customs By Vos: Designing Modern Interiors While Preserving Your Car's Heritage with Dave Vos

If you’re into classic cars and motorcycles, you’re going to love this first episode. Listen up as Mal interviews Dave Vos, owner and operator of Customs by Vos, a shop specializing in custom interiors and fabrication. Aside from talking about creating masterpiece designs, get to know the lighter side of Dave as Mal puts him through the Rapid Fire Hot Seat. So who do you think would win in a fight between Floyd Mayweather vs...


 June 9, 2021  26m

Welcome to the NC Shop Talk Podcast

NC Show Talk is a no limits interview show that shares the never before heard tips, secrets and hilarious conversations with today's biggest names in the Auto Upholstery , Custom Auto industries. 

Join Mal Maher, owner of NC Carpet Binding & Equipment Co., as he interviews and laughs with the todays most innovative minds in auto interior industry and asks some wildly provocative questions you've never heard them answer before...


 May 12, 2021  6m