Nerds Assemble

Emily and the three Pauls present a weekly dose of conversation on videogames, films, TV shows, comics, graphics, novels, anime, manga and much, much more.

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Nerds Assemble 215: Supernatural

This week: We talk all about the boys Winchester. Join the wayward Emily, Paul, Paul and Paul, along with special guest Sanity for a delightful talk about the 13 season strong (and still going), Supernatural. Oh, and don’t mind Retroid, he’s just had a d


 2018-02-21  1h20m

Nerds Assemble 214: PSN Outages

This week: Ursula Le Guin’s death, PSN outages, Videogame world record is stripped and Venom has finished being filmed. So join Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they also discuss what they’ve been up to recently.Black LightningWindows 10 creative editionAss


 2018-02-01  57m

Nerds Assemble 213: LOAD“COMMODORE64″,8,1

This week: We got nostalgic over the Commodore 64. Join Paul, Paul and Paul, along with special guest Jan Beta for a trip down memory lane (all 64 kilobytes of it). You can find Jan Beta’s YouTube channel here. So, are you sitting comfortably? Click here


 2018-01-25  1h2m

Nerds Assemble 211: The Internet

This week: We take a look at how the internet has shaped us, and changed our lives in fundamental ways. Join Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they discuss everything Internet.   Here’s the article quoted in the episode.  And a video (here) from AlternateHis


 2018-01-10  1h3m

Nerds Assemble 210: The highs and lows of 2017

This week: We take a look at our geeky highs and lows of 2017. And manage to remain surprisingly upbeat… Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they look back on, and spoil a bit…Doctor Who Horizon DawnLoganWonder WomanThe Nintendo SwitchThor: Ragna


 2017-12-19  1h9m

Nerds Assemble 209: A rascal named Dizzy

This week: we have a bumper episode discussing the iconic egg, Dizzy. Not only do we have the main podcast, but we also have a Q&A with one of the creators of Dizzy, Philip Oliver. Join Paul, Paul and special guest Steff as they discuss the yolk folk


 2017-12-15  2h9m

Nerds Assemble 208: Hollywood harassment

This week: we discuss the recent events of Hollywood’s sexual harassment problem. Join Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they discuss the Weinstein situation, the possibility of Disney buying 20th Century Fox and the new Doctor Who outfit. So, are you sittin


 2017-11-18  1h14m

Nerds Assemble 207: Wanna know how I got this scar?

This week: we rediscover our love of the wizarding world. Join Paul, Paul, Paul, Emily and special guest Steff as they discuss all things Potter. So, are you sitting comfortably? Click here to listen in your browser (right-click and ‘Save As’ to download


 2017-10-26  1h8m

Nerds Assemble 206: Discovering and Trekking

This week: we throw our two strips of gold pressed latinum into the latest trek series, Star Trek Discovery. Join Paul, Paul and Emily as they also discuss:Kingsman: The Golden CircleFraternizeDraft DayLast Chance UFinal Fantasy XVHarry PotterHannibalRic


 2017-10-12  1h17m

Nerds Assemble 205: Coming soon to a TV near you...

This week: we discuss the upcoming TV seasons we’re looking forward to. Here’s a list for viewers in the UK from Geektown. Join Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they also discuss:Final Fantasy XVThe WireWestworld season 1What Happened to Hilary ClintonTwin


 2017-09-19  1h16m