New Books in Science

Interviews with Scientists about their New Books

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episode 19: Wade Roush, "Extraterrestrials" (MIT Press, 2020)

Roush examines one of the great unsolved problems in science: is there life, intelligent or otherwise, on other planets?


 2020-04-27  54m

episode 247: Wenfei Tong, "Bird Love: The Family Life of Birds" (Princeton UP, 2020)

Tong looks at the extraordinary range of mating systems in the avian world, exploring all the stages from courtship and nest-building to protecting eggs and raising chicks...


 2020-04-17  54m

episode 18: Ray Dorsey, "Ending Parkinson's Disease: A Prescription for Action" (Public Affairs, 2020)

Brain diseases are now the world's leading source of disability...


 2020-04-06  42m

episode 46: Matt Cook, "Sleight of Mind: 75 Ingenious Paradoxes in Mathematics, Physics, and Philosophy" (MIT Press, 2020)

According to Cook, a paradox paradox is a sophisticated kind of magic trick...


 2020-03-30  54m

episode 246: Adrian Currie, "Rock, Bone, and Ruin: An Optimist’s Guide to the Historical Sciences" (MIT Press, 2018)

Currie explains that these scientists are “methodological omnivores,” with a variety of strategies and techniques at their disposal, and that this gives us every reason to be optimistic about their capacity to uncover truths about prehistory...


 2020-03-27  54m

episode 36: Andrew Leigh, "Randomistas: How Radical Researchers Are Changing Our World" (Yale UP, 2018)

Randomized control trials, called RCT’s, have a logic so simple that anyone can understand how they work and even run them themselves...


 2020-03-26  41m

episode 213: Kareem Khalifa, "Understanding, Explanation and Scientific Knowledge" (Cambridge UP, 2017)

What is the relation between understanding and knowledge in science? Can we understand a scientific theory if it is false? Do we understand a scientific proposition we can’t elaborate or do anything with?


 2020-03-10  59m

 2020-02-25  42m

episode 214: Amy Shira Teitel, "Breaking the Chains of Gravity: The Story of Spaceflight Before NASA" (Bloomsbury, 2016)

Amy Shira Teitel talks about Apollo and the community of people who are deeply attached to space history.


 2020-02-21  30m

episode 213: Alistair Sponsel, "Darwin’s Evolving Identity: Adventure, Ambition, and the Sin of Speculation" (U Chicago Press, 2018)

Dr. Alistair Sponsel talks about Darwin’s experiences on HMS Beagle and his early career as a naturalist...


 2020-02-14  35m