New Media Europe Show

We are chatting to inspiring content creators and entrepreneurs who couldn’t exist without the use of new media.

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NMEU 02 – Matthew McLean – Audio Drama Production for a New Generation

Matthew McLean talks about audio drama production in this new generation and how modern audio drama is the child of old time radio drama.


 2015-06-01  16m

NMEU 01 – Mark Williams – LinkedIn Level Up Tips

Mark Williams, also known as Mr LinkedIn, shares some tips on posting on LinkedIn and increasing your LinkedIn engagement.


 2015-06-01  21m

NMEU 00 – Phil Pallen – Building Your Personal Brand Online

Phil Pallen is a brand and social media strategist. He believes that social media and visual identity are co-dependent, essential pieces of a brand. His work merges both of these worlds. He builds brands for TV personalities,


 2015-05-26  23m

Digital Shoreditch Podcasting Meetup Review

Our podcasting meetup at The Water Poet, in the City of London, was a great success. In addition to familiar faces there were many new attendees from all over the UK that travelled to London to network with like-minds and interact with our 4 power spea...


 2015-05-19  40m

New Media Europe 2015

Hear about our one of a kind new media conference for Europe. Podcasting, blogging, online video, social media and more will all be in this 2 day event.


 2014-10-23  16m

The Future of UK Podcasters

We wanted to talk to all of those who attended #ukpod14 or are part of our existing community because your opinion matters a great deal to Mike and I. You have been involved with the community for a good part of the year now and it is amazing to see ho...


 2014-10-12  50m

Podcast Artwork and Visual Branding

Patrick Llewellyn CEO of 99designs joins us for this special podcast to talk about podcast artwork, visual branding, design trends and the growth of global online business 99designs. It's important to make sure your podcast visual branding is just righ...


 2014-10-03  21m

National Podcast Day #podcastday

Let’s talk about National Podcast Day. The first international effort to spread the good word about podcasting worldwide through public engagement.


 2014-09-24  13m

UK Podcasters 2014 Conference #ukpod14 Review

We find out in this UK Podcasters 2014 (#ukpod14) review about the power of real life events and conferences. There's also a full podcast conference review!


 2014-08-18  32m

Why You Should Podcast

Podcasting is huge in the US and the potential for UK and European podcasters is massive. Here's why you should podcast and details of the #ukpod14 conference.


 2014-07-28  47m