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Statement Sunday!!

NFL Live, Which teams find a way into the postseason going into the final week of the season plus we take a look back at 2020 and what moments stood out.



Hour 1: Playoff Picture and scenarios heading into Week 17

Laura Rutledge, Ryan Clark, Dan Orlovsky, & Marcus Spears discuss the entire playoff picture and scenarios. Also, what the Patriots' future looks like after missing the playoffs for the first time since 2008.



Drew You See What I See- A Look Ahead to Week 16

NFL Live- Four Losses in a row for Pittsburgh?, Can the Vikings keep their playoff hopes alive? NFC West Showdown



What's wrong with Pittsburgh?

NFL Live- Pittsburgh loses 3 in a row, Haskins Caught in the Club, AFC Wild Card Picture, Who wins the NFC West?



Brees is Back!!

NFL Live: The impact of Drew Brees returning to the starting lineup and which teams will will the postseason in each conference?


 2020-12-18  42m

Can the Raiders Make the Playoffs?

NFL Live- Raiders Chargers TNF, Chiefs Saints, Can Baker and the Browns bounce back?


 2020-12-17  42m

Mr. Wilson Goes to Washington

NFL Live - Russ and the Seahawks travel to Washington for a huge matchup


 2020-12-16  37m

Action Jackson is Back

NFL Live - Lamar and the Ravens get a huge division win over the Browns. Are the Bills a legit threat in the AFC?


 2020-12-15  34m

Kings of the North?

NFL Live: Huge matchup in the AFC North which team has the advantage ,plus we look back at all the action and biggest stories from Week 14.


 2020-12-14  43m

Playoffs on the line

The NFL Live crew discusses the upcoming Thursday night game between the Patriots and Rams


 2020-12-10  38m