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Urban legends, Conspiracy Theories, True Crime Stories, and so much more. Sit back and relax as I give you strange and unexplained stories primarily from the South, but we get around. Some are based on facts and some based on fiction. Either way, they'll keep you up at night. Support this podcast:

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episode 17: The Boys (A Yuba City Tragedy) S1 Side B Episode 17

On their way home to Yuba County, the men decided to stop at a gas station and buy some snacks. They had all piled into Jack M’s Mercury Montenegro. This would be the last time any of these five young men would be seen again. After they failed to return that night, the parents of the young men (most of whom lived at home) began to worry and filed police reports. Bill, Jack H., and Ted were diagnosed as mentally delayed, Jack M...


 April 9, 2021  28m

episode 18: Unknown Caller S1 Side B Episode 18

From frantic 911 calls to disturbing unknown numbers this episode has it all. With audio directly from the calls. Listening to this episode at night is probably not a good idea.  Website:     Murder Me Tinderly:     Buy Me A Coffee and help support the show:     Instagram:    Twitter: https://www.twitter...


 April 16, 2021  32m

episode 19: The Houston Decapitator Season 1 Side B Episode 19 (Featuring Keith Ashby)

The Houston Decapitator

On July 27, 1979, a man named Bob  Smith showed up to the 900 block of Glenmont in the Gulfton area of  southwest Houston to pick up a co-worker, secretary Alys Elaine Rankin while her car was being repaired. Smith approached the front door which was slightly opened and looked in to see Rankin laying naked on her bed with her feet bound and a pillow covering her upper body, Smith removed the pillow, only to see her head was gone...


 April 30, 2021  17m

episode 20: The Hill Abduction Season 1 Side B Episode 20

On the night of September 19/20, 1961, Barney and Betty Hill, returning from a honeymoon in Canada, encountered a large UFO in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The next thing they remembered was being thirty miles down the road with two hours elapsed that they could not account for. Both physical evidence and nightmares alarmed them. Later, they were hypnotically regressed and recovered memories of being on board the craft and subjected to medical exams by non-human entities...


 May 6, 2021  28m

episode 21: A Mother's Love

This is a tale of love, obsession, madness, candy, and carnations. It is the story of Mother’s Day. The holiday was passionately promoted by Anna Jarvis (1864-1948), described by Michael Farquhar as “… a woman of fierce loyalty and tireless enterprise and a total raving lunatic.” In this episode we will explore crimes of mother's and also how some enabled killers.   www.notanotherhorrorpodcast...


 May 13, 2021  18m

episode 22: An American Vampire In France Season 1 Side B Episode 22

In this season Finale episode we are taking a dive into Vampire folklore. My friend David Joins me as he tells us about European Vampire Lore, and then in the second half we will be talking about American Vampires.  Website:  Murder Me Tinderly:  Buy Me A Coffee and help support the show:  Instagram: https://www.instagram...


 May 27, 2021  44m