America's Top Paranormal Podcaster interviews the best known names in the paranormal about UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot, and everything paranormal! Guests have included Josh Gates, Chip Coffey, George Noory and the biggest names in paranormal studies. This feed reflects the last 90 days of content, The Paranormal Podcast has been in production since 2005 with over 550 episodes. Hosted by Jim Harold.

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episode 654: Exorcism and Possession - The Shaman's Mind

Exorcism is the topic in part one of this week's show. Is it real or just the stuff of classic horror films? Joseph P. Laycock shares his eye opening research. In part two, Jonathan Hammond joins us to talk about achieving the Shaman's Mind. You can...


 2020-09-23  1h18m

episode 653: Brandon Alvis of Ghost Hunters

Brandon Alvis is the Paranormal Technician for the smash TV show Ghost Hunters. He is also an award winning filmmaker and a writer. We talk about his philosophy of investigation, how some supposed ghost tech doesn't work, and his words of...


 2020-09-15  55m

episode 652: Wisdom From The Spirit World - Punk Rock and UFOs

Psychic Medium Carole J. Obley joins us to talk about wisdom from our loved ones on the other side. In part two, we talk all about UFOs with Mike Damante. You can find Carole & Mike's books at Amazon:  and --BABBEL-- Babbel is the best way...


 2020-09-08  1h21m

episode 651: What Unsolved Mysteries Missed On The Berkshires UFO Case

Fresh from his recent Unsolved Mysteries appearance, Berkshires UFO experiencer Thom Reed and Judge Kevin Titus join us to talk about the Berkshires case plus what they say the Netflix reboot missed. In part two, we talk to Darrell Clulow and Timothy...


 2020-09-02  1h51m

episode 650: Shadows In The Session - Jennifer Marshall

Dr. Paul J. Leslie talks to us about his work as a psychotherapist and how he has encountered the anamalous during his work over the years. You can find his book on the subject at Amazon: In part two, Jennifer Marshall joins us to talk about her work...


 2020-08-25  1h36m

episode 649: Sinister Swamps - The Happy Medium

Monsters and mysteries from the mire are the topic we explore with Lyle Blackburn in our discussion on sinister swamps. In part two, The Happy Medium Jodi Livon joins us to talk about communication with those on the other side. You can find the books...


 2020-08-19  1h24m

episode 648: Monsters of the Deep - UFO Disclosure

100+ minute show this week. We talk about deep sea monsters and UFOs in the skies with guests Nick Redfern and Ryan Sprague. This is a grade A episode. Enjoy! You can find Nick and Ryan's new books at Amazon: Thanks Ryan & Nick! --YouTube...


 2020-08-11  1h46m

episode 647: Talk To The Hand - Horse Magick

We talk about palmistry, the art of divination by reading palms on our show with Vernon Mahabal. He separates the stereotypes from the reality & tells us how we can use this ancient art how to enhance our lives. In part two, Lawren Leo joins us to...


 2020-07-29  1h17m

episode 646: Bridget Marquardt on Ghosts - Afraid Of Nothing with Bob Heske

Bridget Marquardt is our first guest. You know her from Ghost Magnet & The Girls Next Door. She shares the scoop about Playboy Mansion hauntings and much more! You can find Ghost Magnet wherever you listen to your podcasts! Be sure to tune in! In...


 2020-07-21  1h38m

episode 645: Roswell The Ultimate Case Closed - Talking with The Psychic Lawyer

The Roswell Case is closed according to this week’s guest Thomas J. Carey…he says, the evidence is in and it is a cover up. You can find his book on the subject at Amazon:  In part two, we talk with The Psychic Lawyer, Mark Anthony. You can...


 2020-07-15  1h33m