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PJC Media is a network focused on real Christian talk about issues that affect every day of our lives. From culture and arts, to politics, and devotions, PJC Media exists to invigorate the Christian culture with thought provoking, wholesome, and educational broadcasts and programming.


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episode 24: Dovetaless Interviews Christian Fiction Writer the Visionary Raven H. Price

As a Christian we must watch to not in our satisfaction of saying "yes" to God, to not become judgmental to others


 2017-11-12  1h2m

episode 25: I Remember the Seasons -- Write Stuff -- 11/7/2017

Building snowmen…going for hayrides…raking leaves. These are just a few of the pages in I Remember the Seasons that will bring fond memories to life for those a


 2017-11-08  1h1m

episode 26: Let's Talk About It with Jenny White/ Why I am a vegan and not a vegetarian.

In reading one of Healthline's newsletters, I found the word vegan which it says was coined in 1944 by a small group of vegetarians who broke away from the Leic


 2017-11-11  1h13m

episode 27: Dovetales Welcomes Back Award Winning Author and Speaker Anna M. Aquino

It is time to fulfill your own destiny...what are you waiting for?


 2017-11-19  1h3m

episode 28: Theophilus: A Tale of Ancient Rome -- Write Stuff -- 11/14/2017

FOR TWO THOUSAND YEARS HIS NAME WAS UNKNOWN. HIS STORY WAS UNTOLD. When members of Rome’s most despised religious minority are accused by Emperor Nero himsel


 2017-11-15  1h7m

episode 29: Who are the 144,000? -- The Parker J Cole Show

When it comes to end-times, prophecy, the Book of Revelations, I am always pleased to have various opinons, even those who go against the accepted status quo.


 2017-11-18  1h3m

episode 30: Apocalypse TV -- Write Stuff -- 11/21/2017

QUESTION REALITY When a reality TV scout “discovers” Walter in a diner near the hospice where his father has been placed, his life has reached a low point. H


 2017-11-22  1h3m

episode 31: The Kinsman's Tree -- Write Stuff -- 11/28/2017

Enter a magical world where unlikely heroes battle strange and powerful enemies. The world has fallen under the dominion of the evil Empire of Chol and its myst


 2017-11-29  1h5m

episode 32: Dovetales Interviews International Evangelist and Author Cristina Cain

In life, perhaps we were created to help others when we take our minds off ourselves


 2017-11-26  1h2m