Plane Safety Podcast - Safety from the flightdeck

Join Pilot Pip for a look at aviation safety news, incidents and your plane safety feedback.

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Plane Safety Podcast Episode 13 - Fatigue

Hi everyone. Thanks for downloading episode 13 of the Plane Safety Podcast - Safety from the Flightdeck. A podacst about aviation, flight safety and being a pilot. In this episode we're taking a look at fatigue ; what it is, what causes it and how...


 2015-06-01  1h55m

Plane Safety Podcast Newsround catch up

I had a little bit of storage left over so I thought Id use it and make a quick round up of some of the latest news stories. Unfortunately I had to compress the file down to quite a low bit rate to make it fit, so the sound quality may not be great...


 2015-05-01  30m

Plane Safety Podcast Episode 12 - The Kegworth Air Disaster

In this episode of Plane Safety Podcast we look at the Kegworth Air Disaster of 1989.  We have some great Squawks in Squawkbox and the usual scattering of chat, poor comedy and musical tomfoolery.   Intro & outro music by the...


 2015-04-25  2h2m

Plane Safety Podcast - Duxford Easter Egg special.

Join me, Pilot Pip, for this special Bonus Easter episode as I talk about some of the great aircraft at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, UK.  No Squawks, no topic of the week, no news, just awesome aircraft from one of Europes biggest...


 2015-04-05  35m

Plane Safety Podcast Episode 11 - Braking Action

In this episode of Plane Safety Podcast we discuss briefly the tragic Germanwings A320 crash last week, in Topic of the Week we're taking a look at braking action and of course your thoughts and questions in Squawkbox. Intro and Outro...


 2015-03-31  1h22m

Plane Safety Podcast Episode 10 - Engine Failures and F-18's

In this episode we talk about engine failures, I chat to a friend about his time as an F-18 pilot in the Spanish Air Force and of course listener squawks. I've discovered these great new podcasts : The Maiden Flight Podcast...


 2015-02-23  1h49m

Plane Safety Podcast - Episode 9. Talkin' PPLs

In this episode I chat to Carlos Stebbings from about his PPL training. I have a rant and moan about the world of aviation and aeroplanes in general and of course, your feedbacks. So join me, Pilot Pip, for Plane Safety Podcast...


 2015-01-15  1h27m

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