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Where plenty of podcasts about podcasting (PAPs) tell you what to do, Podcast Pontifications gives you what to think about in podcasting. These daily, insightful forward-looking episodes have one central tenet: Podcasting needs to be made better, not just easier. Designed for the working podcaster, these short-form episodes get you thinking about the future of podcasting and how you can better prepare yourself -- and your shows -- for the future. The goal is simple: help you develop critical thinking skills needed to make the best future-proofed podcast you can with the tools of today. Plus a few sneak previews of what might be coming tomorrow.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podsights - https://podsights.com/privacy


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episode 27: When Pointless Podcasting Processes Pay Off

Following podcasting best practices is always smart, but it doesn’t leave much room for creativity. Sometimes success is serendipitous, and what seems to be pointless may have an unexpected future upside. Podcasting requires productivity prioritization. There are countless things about and adjacent to podcasting you can waste your time on. And as you have a limited amount of time beyond the actual process of producing your podcast, prioritization is a good survival tactic...



episode 26: In Podcasting, Stories Beat Advice Every Time

It doesn’t matter how long your podcast episodes are, so long as you tell a great story. Great storytellers make all podcasting better, and with some work and dedication, you too can join their ranks...



episode 25: The Problems With Podcast Marketing Funnels

A lot of podcast marketing advice starts and ends with: build a funnel and keep feeding people into it! And while that can and does work for some, it’ll frustrate a lot of podcasters. Here’s why: All models are wrong. Some happened to be useful. That an accurate reflection of how I feel about podcast marketing funnels...



episode 24: Can You Podcast Without Reliable Analytics?

If reactions to very real privacy concerns remove our one way to track downloads, it’ll wreck the podcast advertising industry. But what about everyday podcasters who don’t rely on impression-based ad sales? In the not too distant future, we’re probably going to lose our reliance on IP addresses...



episode 23: Shortcuts In Podcasting That Aren't Dead Ends

For as DIY-friendly as podcasting is, it’s still a complex web of creation, distribution, and promotion. So it’s no wonder many are looking for shortcuts through the complexity. Only… do they work? Generally speaking, I'm skeptical of podcasting shortcuts. No, I don’t like wasting my time any more than you like wasting yours. And podcasting offers plenty of places to spin your wheels and waste a lot of time on, I’ll grant you that...



episode 22: A Podcast Listening App You Can Proudly Recommend

We know that the podcast listening experience matters. And we know the big podcast apps don’t seem to share that sentiment. It’s time for working podcasters like you to do something intentional about it. I don’t have to tell you how important it is for your podcast to be distributed everywhere people may choose to listen to podcasts. With very few exceptions, adding one more destination point for your podcast is a one-time action that is a simple form-submit away...


 2021-08-19  10m

episode 21: Finding Your Podcasting Style And Leaning Into It

Compare podcasting to modern-day animation, where you’re as likely to see hyper-realistic renderings as you are to see cartoons or computer-driven stop-motion, all rendered on a computer. But if computers are used in all animation today, why doesn’t the animation created on those systems look similar? The answer is simple: style. If you notice a podcast that doesn’t sound as good as another, it’s likely a function of scarcity of time or money...


 2021-08-18  6m

episode 20: Time For Podcast Advertising To Put Up Or Shut Up

Can spending $5 a day on ads really add 10,000 or more new listeners to your podcast? I highly doubt it. But I am crazy enough to put up the money to see if I’m right or if I have 10,000 new listeners. I don’t think you should spend a dime on advertising until you’ve nailed the fundamentals AND have a show that your hard-core audience continues to recommend. But if you’ve accomplished those non-trivial tasks, why not spend some money to advertise your show? Good question...


 2021-08-16  9m

episode 19: Mastering Your Way To Podcast Growth

Not-shockingly, most listeners aren’t keen on recommending podcasts created by hosts who can’t be bothered to master the craft of podcasting. And yes, podcasting is a craft. The good news is that can take a class on making better-sounding audio, advanced interview techniques, improving your writing skills, storytelling for audio, and just about any other aspect of podcasting where you may be lacking...


 2021-08-12  10m

episode 18: The Easy Way To Get People To Recommend Your Podcast

Why has your podcast stopped growing? One reason for that might be that it’s not all that easy for them to recommend your podcast. Asking listeners to recommend your show while they are actively listening to your show seems logical, until you consider the mechanics. Links from podcast listening apps aren’t universal, and most people don’t even have their phone in hand when listening to your show...


 2021-08-11  10m