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Chris Monaghan | Where did baptism originate? Can you be baptized more than once? Listen as Chris Monaghan answers these questions and more on this weeks sermon by Gateway Church!


 2021-04-25  n/a

Kingdom Hearts™

Chris Monaghan | Why do we need scripture in our hearts? How do we cultivate a heart that replicates scriptural truths? How can we use this to change the spiritual environments around us? Listen as Pastor Chris Monaghan answers these questions and shar...


 2021-04-18  n/a

First the Natural Then the Spiritual

Ephraim Monaghan | Is the Bible God breathed? What is Progressive Christianity? Has the Bible proved itself to be true? Listen as Associate Pastor Ephraim Monaghan answers these questions and shares his heart on these issues.


 2021-04-12  n/a

The Authentic Peace Movement

by Chris Monaghan | What is biblical peace? What do modern peace movements represent? How can we bring peace into our lives? How does this tie into the Easter message? Listen as Pastor Chris Monaghan shares his heart on the authentic peace movement of ...


 2021-04-04  n/a

Sex Change Regret

Walt Heyer | Can you change your gender? What is the harm to your identity in falling into these things? How can you minister to people in the transgender community? Listen as Walt Heyer answers all these questions and more in Gateway’s Sermon of the W...


 2021-03-29  n/a

End Times Shotgun Wedding

Chris Monaghan | What does scripture say about the end times? What does it mean to be married to Christ? Listen as Pastor Chris answers these and more in this week’s sermon!


 2021-03-23  n/a

Course Correction

Chris Monaghan |


 2021-03-14  n/a

Come and See

Chris Monaghan


 2021-03-07  n/a

The Book of Esther

Pastor Chris Monaghan | How can we be bold like Mordecai? How can we identify the Hamans? Listen as Pastor Chris answers these questions and shares his heart on what it means to bow down to the King and Him alone.


 2021-02-28  n/a

Failure That Sparks Revival

How can we operate in extravagant miracles? Can God use your failure? How can we spark revival in our area? Listen as Robby Dawkins answers these questions in scripture and shares what is happening in the Middle East.


 2021-02-23  n/a