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New Map of Meaning in the Brain Changes Ideas About Memory

Researchers have mapped hundreds of semantic categories to the tiny bits of the cortex that represent them in our thoughts and perceptions. What they discovered might change our view of memory. Read more at QuantaMagazine.org.


 2022-05-11  19m

Machine Learning Gets a Quantum Speedup

Two teams have shown how quantum approaches can solve problems faster than classical computers, bringing physics and computer science closer together.


 2022-04-27  20m

Secrets of Early Animal Evolution Revealed by Chromosome 'Tectonics'

Just as plate tectonics makes sense of the geology and positions of continents, "genome tectonics" helps biologists reconstruct the genomic duplications, fusions and translocations that created the chromosomes we see today.


 2022-04-14  18m

A Solution to the Faint-Sun Paradox Reveals a Narrow Window for Life

When the sun was 30% dimmer, Earth seems like it should have been inhospitably frozen, but new work suggests that dimness may be why life exists here at all.


 2022-03-31  25m

Evolution 'Landscapes' Predict What's Next for COVID Virus

By mapping in three dimensions how various mutations affect the fitness of the coronavirus, researchers can get insights into how the COVID-19 pandemic might change next.


 2022-03-18  25m

Flying Fish and Aquarium Pets Yield Secrets of Evolution

New studies reveal the ancient, shared genetic "grammar" underpinning the diverse evolution of fish fins and tetrapod limbs. Read more at QuantaMagazine.org. Music is "Hidden Agenda" by Kevin MacLeod.


 2022-03-03  16m

Mathematicians Outwit Hidden Number Conspiracy

Decades ago, a mathematician posed a warmup problem for some of the most difficult questions about prime numbers. It turned out to be just as difficult to solve, until now. Read more at QuantaMagazine.org. Music is "Aimless Amos" by Rondo Brothers.


 2022-02-17  21m

Mathematician Hurls Structure and Disorder Into Century-Old Problem

A new paper shows how to create longer disordered strings than mathematicians had thought possible, proving that a well-known recent conjecture is "spectacularly wrong." Read more at QuantaMagazine.org. Music is "Transmission" by John Deley and the 41 Players.


 2022-02-03  17m

Researchers Defeat Randomness to Create Ideal Code

By carefully constructing a multidimensional and well-connected graph, a team of researchers has finally created a long-sought locally testable code that can immediately reveal whether it's been corrupted. Read more at QuantaMagazine.org. Music is "Clover 3" by Vibe Mountain.


 2022-01-20  23m

The Brain Processes Speech in Parallel With Other Sounds

Scientists thought that the brain's hearing centers might just process speech along with other sounds. But new work suggests that speech gets some special treatment very early on. Read more at QuantaMagazine.org. Music is "Thought Bot" by Audionautix.


 2022-01-06  19m