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Man-made earthquakes: Fact or fiction?

Earthquakes in Oklahoma used to be something of a rarity, but a few years ago, that began to change. Starting in 2009, the number of quakes began to increase. By 2014, the state was experiencing three times as many quakes as California.


 2015-07-03  3m

Oklahoma’s man-made earthquakes

In 2014, Oklahoma had more than three times as many earthquakes as California, and this year, the state is on track for even more. A lot of them are small, but some towns are seeing a quake almost every day,


 2015-06-30  17m

The father of fracking, and tracking oil trains

In a story produced in collaboration with Marketplace from American Public Media, we explore the history of hydraulic fracturing – aka fracking – in North Texas, where the technologies that are now employed in the Bakken were born.


 2015-06-23  19m

Death in the Bakken

The recent oil boom in North Dakota – driven by hydraulic fracturing and advances in technology – is a big reason why the U.S. is now the world’s leader in combined oil and natural gas production. But the boom in the Bakken shale,


 2015-06-16  20m

Public evidence in private hands

Body cameras can capture evidence against criminals, with a potentially exonerating or damning record of evidence for law enforcement officers. In the wake of the events in Ferguson, Missouri, more than 7,000 police agencies around the country have pur...


 2015-06-02  14m

Eyes on Cops

Smartphones have turned virtually everyone into a filmmaker. This has meant that many people’s reaction to an event large or small is to whip out their phone and start recording. So what separates these everyday citizens from people who consider themse...


 2015-05-26  18m

Rodney King’s accidental ally

On March 3, 1991, a black man was pulled over in Los Angeles – and what happened next showed the entire nation what police brutality looks like. George Holliday, a man just looking to test a new video camera,


 2015-05-19  11m

Assault on justice

When you hear the charge “assaulting a police officer,” you might assume that an officer has been hurt or injured while serving the community. But in Washington, D.C., you might not be able to take so-called APOs at face value.


 2015-05-12  22m

Dirty shooting ranges poison police

As you’d expect, armed law enforcement officers are required to keep their sharp-shooting skills, well, sharp. This means they must spend time at firing ranges for routine training sessions. But while firearms training is meant to keep both the police ...


 2015-05-05  18m

DIY guns? There’s a site for that

The Internet has blown accessibility to weapons wide open. Reveal reporter Matt Drange has been looking at how easy it’s been for sellers to list assault weapon parts on eBay and decided to see if he could get his hands on some using the site.


 2015-04-28  14m