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Wyvern Let Die (010)

The party spend a real-time hour shopping for uniforms and customising the airship. After setting out for their mission, Joe sky-fishes for geese and lands a beauty. Follow us on Instagram! Check out our facebook!


 2019-09-28  1h47m

You Shouldn't Vote on an Empty Stomach (009)

Before the campaign-changing vote, the party take an explosive ride around the city to meet the other heads of the Guild of Gears: Salte Koalin and Orecic Namor. Teddy tests Lantan's gun control, and Joe wrestles a mechanical ape.


 2019-09-14  2h4m

Wham Bam Thank You Lantan (008)

The party stave off cabin fever with soft robot hugs and can-can dancing, and the airship reaches the technologically marvellous city of Lantan. The party meets some of the important figures of the city: Marcus Poole, Zan Tuftler, Leo of the Vesai, and Teddy's rootin'-tootin' uncle, Gorvil.


 2019-08-31  2h33m

Sky Rockets in Flight (007)

Episode 7: In the Season Finale the Roller Boys spend most of their time in free fall both literally and metaphorically. Teddy gets a gun.


 2019-02-07  2h13m

Statue Subscription Monthly (006)

Episode 6: Our mustachioed janitors switch sides and attempt to assassinate Aluster Karm by sneaking into his dormitory using the old 'barrel 'o' mindflayer' trick.


 2019-02-07  2h41m

The Ol' Dong and Dash (005)

Episode 5: The party agrees to sending a message for Aluster Karm, and the boys doorbell ditch disgruntled g-g-ghosts!


 2019-02-07  2h27m

Asking for Directions (004)

Episode 4: The party get to know the city of Luskan, sign up for a bake-off and recruit students to a lifetime of servitude. They meet with Aluster Karm, the head of Enchantment at the Host Tower of the Arcane.


 2019-02-07  2h23m

Under the Luskan Sun (003)

Episode 3: When the heat gets too hot in Waterdeep, our wanted janitors smuggle themselves out of the city. Teddy gets kicked out of his family christmas tree and the party rescue an imp. Dungeon Master: Anthony Pitts Players: Dan Heck, Jay Ratcliffe, Michael Vilkins


 2019-02-07  1h47m

Frankenstein WAS the Monster (002)

Episode 2: The gang have tracked down a Mindflayer in the sewers of Waterdeep but suffer an irreplaceable loss that they then replace.


 2019-02-07  2h3m

Heavily Mustachioed Janitors (001)

Episode 1: The Roller Boys recover after a big night out, get to know each other and try to clear some rats out of a basement.


 2019-02-06  2h2m