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Hr1: News Roundup, Tweeting Sharks, Quantum World

Could the space we live in - —our everyday reality— - just be a projection of some underlying quantum structure? Plus, the good and bad of sharks who tweet, and a roundup of the week in science.


 2016-04-29  47m

Hr1: News Roundup, Cold Lab Mice, Animal Intelligence, Coral

How do you measure the IQ of an octopus? The trick, says primatologist Frans de Waal, is to measure animal intelligence not by human standards, but by octopus or elephant or chimpanzee standards. Plus, coral bleaching, and a roundup of science news.


 2016-04-22  46m

Hr2: Laserium, Biomimicry, Brainprints

In the 70s, millions of people experienced a groovier side of science: the planetarium laser show. Plus, what technology can learn from nature, and a metal material capable of disintegrating a bullet.


 2016-04-22  47m

Hr2: Emoji Interpretation, Sonification, Orchid Deception

Proponents of sonification hope that listening to data could lead to more scientific discoveries. Plus, how the emotion of emoji could be lost in translation, and how orchids use mimicry, fraud, and deception to attract pollinators.


 2016-04-15  47m

Hr1: News Roundup, Zika Virus, Brain-Computer Interface, Science Club

The story of a quadriplegic man who regained movement of his arm using a brain-computer interface. Plus, new research into the zika virus, and a challenge to explain your world via sampling.


 2016-04-15  47m

Hr1: News Roundup, Climate and the Collapse of Ancient Civilizations, Climate Fiction

Writer Paolo Bacigalupi is using fiction to help us imagine our climate change future—and he is not alone. Plus, how did climate change affect the boom-and-bust cycles of of ancient Southwest civilizations in the United States?


 2016-04-08  46m

Hr2: Insulin Pricing, Science From Space, Lab Girl Memoir

Undiscovered tombs and pyramids can be found right on your iPad, if you know what to look for. Plus, the memoir _Lab Girl_ from geobiologist Hope Jahren.


 2016-04-08  45m

Hr1: News Roundup, How Games Move Us, Spot the Spoof Science Study

Some of todays video games are pushing players into new emotional territory, engaging complex feelings like complicity, empathy, and grief. Plus, how good are you at picking out an authentic research study from a spoof?


 2016-04-01  46m

Hr2: Sea Level Rise, Sorting Out Social Media Feeds, Springtime Blooms

A new study suggests a melting Antarctica could pump up global sea levels much more than previously predicted. Plus, social media feed curation, and how springtime can bring some unexpected blooms.


 2016-04-01  47m

Hr2: Ancient Beer, Unlocking the Encryption Debate

In the 90s, the Clipper Chip was the big government encryption case. Two Science Friday guests involved in that early debate rejoin us to weigh in on the Apple argument. Plus, two anthropologists are studying an ancient brewery.


 2016-03-25  48m