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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Science Weekly podcast will now explore some of the crucial scientific questions about Covid-19. Led by its usual hosts  Ian Sample,  Hannah Devlin and  Nicola Davis, as well as the Guardian's health editor Sarah Boseley, we’ll be taking questions – some sent by you – to experts on the frontline of the global outbreak. Send us your questions here:

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Science Weekly podcast: has personal genome sequencing been overhyped?

What is the true medical value and cost-effectiveness of personal genome mapping? Prof Euan Ashley discusses his latest research


 2014-04-07  43m

Science Weekly podcast: how to rebuild our world from scratch

Astrophysicist and author Lewis Dartnell reveals why he has written The Knowledge, a handy guide for post-Apocalypse survivors


 2014-03-31  39m

Science Weekly podcast: gravitational waves and Einstein's perfect theory

Gravitational waves were predicted in Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity in 1916. Ian Sample meets Prof Pedro Ferreira to discuss the extraordinary and continuing influence of the theory


 2014-03-24  28m

Science Weekly podcast: the wonder of human skin

Prof Des Tobin, director of Bradford University's Centre for Skin Sciences, discusses his research into our outer layer


 2014-03-17  21m

Science Weekly podcast: A celebration of the science demo

Recorded in front of a live audience at the Royal Institution's famous Faraday lecture theatre in London, Alok Jha introduces some masters of the science demonstration


 2014-03-10  45m

Science Weekly podcast: what are science museums for?

Ian Sample meets Ian Blatchford, director of the Science Museum in London, to discuss the role of science museums in the 21st century


 2014-03-03  39m

Science Weekly podcast: trapped in Antarctica's icy grip

After their plight made headline news around the world early this year, Alok Jha and Laurence Topham debrief us on the ill-fated Australasian Antarctic Expedition and the controversy that followed


 2014-02-25  39m

Science Weekly podcast: forensics – the science written in blood

The UK's leading forensic scientist Mike Silverman describes the remarkable transformation in his field over the past 30 years … and explodes one popular forensic myth. Plus, flooding in the UK, and why Marius the giraffe had to die


 2014-02-17  49m