Scifi Sidebar

Scifi Sidebar is the show where Peter and CC discuss one of their favorite things, Scifi books! They discuss the morals, science, philosophy, and anything else that pops into their stream of consciousness. After they rant for a while about these books, they come back later after researching what real world experts have to say about them! Join them every month as they dive into the rich world of Science Fiction.

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Episode 17: Collapsing Empire

In this episode, CC and Peter journey into one of the newest and best products of the modern scifi legend, John Scalzi. Collapsing Empire is the tale of an interstellar empire held together by the common bonds of interdependent trading guilds.


 2018-09-25  58m

Episode 16: Foundation and Empire

In this episode, Peter and CC will discuss the second book in the famous Foundation series by Isaac Asimov, Foundation and Empire. Here we discuss the dying gasps of the First Empire and the unique aberration known as the Mule!


 2018-09-11  57m

Episode 15: Foundation

In this episode, Peter and CC dive into the all-time Science Fiction classic from the legend of the genre, Isaac Asimov! We talk about things like the interesting gender roles, the outdated philosophy, and the impending doom of America!


 2018-08-29  48m

Episode 14: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

In this episode, CC and Peter dive into the blockbuster thriller, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. They talk about pressing issues like the roles of the Senate in the world stage, the moral lines of Hammond, the surprising sense of Dr. Wu,


 2018-08-14  1h5m

Episode 13: Dune

In this episode, CC and Peter dive into an all time classic, Dune. Here we pursue conversations about the meaning of prophecy in Scifi and Fantasy, the sexist nature of the two greatest powers in the book, and so much more!


 2018-08-02  1h14m

Episode 12: 2001: A Space Odyssey

In this episode, Peter and Cc dive into an old school classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey. We discuss the amazing production quality and effects. We tackle fun questions like is Hal alive? Does he have feelings?


 2018-07-23  1h20m

Episode 11: The Singularity Trap

In this episode, Peter and CC discuss the newest release by the author that brought us the Bobiverse, Dennis E. Taylor, The Singularity Trap! This Book has everything a Scifi fan could want, a rich story, a charming and intelligent hero,


 2018-07-03  1h5m

Episode 10: The Andromeda Strain

Join CC and Peter in rediscovering the scifi classic The Andromeda Strain! The Michael Crichton debut brings chilling twists, memorable microbes and giant, ancient computers. Dive into 40-year-old scifi and discover that it still packs a punch!


 2018-06-20  47m

Episode 9: Leviathan Wakes

In this episode CC and Peter go over the book that inspired the TV series The Expanse. This book has intrigue, horror, political maneuvering and much more.


 2018-06-07  1h3m

Episode 8: Red Rising

In this (belated) episode, join Peter and CC as they discuss one of their favorite books, Red Rising by Pierce Brown. This book has it all, caste systems, rebellion, love, quirky sidekicks, and much much more!


 2018-05-23  1h9m