Shaped by Dog with Susan Garrett

Susan Garrett, world-renowned dog trainer, multi-time champion of dog agility, and leading educator on all things canine shares everything related to dogs! Susan understands dog behaviour and wants you and your dog to have the best life together possible.

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episode 16: The Thing Before Your Dog’s Thing

How to fix any dog training problem by looking at the ABC and knowing the thing before the thing.


 2020-07-31  15m

episode 15: CSI Tips for Managing a Multi-Dog Household

Tips on managing a multi-dog household and guidelines to create comfort and confidence for all dogs.


 2020-07-29  17m

episode 14: Creating Intentional Multi-Dog Household Harmony

How to create intentional harmony in a multi-dog household for the safety and comfort of everyone.


 2020-07-24  17m

episode 13: Naming Your Puppy or Dog

Everything you need to know about naming your puppy or dog, what to consider and what not to do.


 2020-07-22  13m

episode 12: When Helping Your Dog is an Illusion

How helping your dog does opposite, illusions of control, and how everyone wins in training games.


 2020-07-17  14m

episode 11: The Power of Permission in Dog Training

How using the power of permission will let you train a dog without intimidation or physical punishment and give you a relationship of trust.


 2020-07-15  15m

episode 10: What to Know Before Getting a Puppy or Dog

Thinking about getting a puppy or dog? We’re covering what you need to know before adding a canine family member.


 2020-07-10  16m

episode 9: How Long Does It Take to Train a Dog?

We’re covering how long it takes to train a dog and why “dog training” might be misnamed. I’m answering two common dog training questions and sharing a tip to overcoming frustration.


 2020-07-08  14m

episode 8: Get Your Dog in the Belief Loop of Awesome

In this episode, I’m sharing one simple and easy psychological trick so you and your dog can get in the belief loop of awesome. Tune in for how this one thing can make life for you and your dog dramatically better!


 2020-07-03  18m

episode 7: You, Your Dog, Maslow and Lizard Brain

Discover how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applies to you and your dog. If lizard brain ever takes over, it’s important to understand why.


 2020-07-01  21m