Silhouette Zero: Star Wars Edge of the Empire Actual Play Podcast

SILHOUETTE ZERO is an actual play podcast for Fantasy Flight Games Edge of the Empire, produced by the Ing Brothers. For more information, go to

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 50m. Bisher sind 195 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint jede zweite Woche.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 6 days 19 hours 38 minutes


episode 1: Tricky Fox Tales 1 - With a Bang

The Rebel Alliance has scattered, the Empire wrestles to maintain control, and the diminutive crew of the TRICKY FOX is on the Outer Rim trying to make a few credits. Ingdaydreams on bluesky


 February 14, 2024  32m

episode 173: The Search for Kocack-Ola (Feat. Adam Beltaine and Leslie)

Two holy warriors travel north on a noble quest for the magic elixir Kocack-Ola.   Force Majeure is coming back in January! Check them out:   Blog: - thank you for your supp...


 December 20, 2023  2h12m

episode 172: Li’l Update - 2023


 December 12, 2023  1m

episode 171: Penny O’Brien and the Cranberry Jewels (Pt. 2, Feat. Leslie)

Penny O'Brien is still on the case of the stolen Cranberry Jewels. Will she be able to find them before Thanksgiving Dinner is ruined?


 November 23, 2023  2h2m

episode 170: Penny O’Brien and the Cranberry Jewels (Pt.1, Feat. Leslie)

Penny O'Brien is invited to see the GOLDEN PLENTY. But as usual, more awaits her than meets the eye...


 November 22, 2023  1h38m

episode 169: Coruscant is Cracking: Wanderer’s Way Home, pt 2 (feat. Zoe)


 September 23, 2023  59m

episode 169: Coruscant is Cracking - A Wanderer’s Way Home, Pt 2 (Feat. Zoe)

Linla navigates her way through this three-way mess.


 September 23, 2023  1h15m

episode 168: Coruscant is Cracking - A Wanderer’s Way Home (pt 1) (feat. Zoe)

A Pantoran ship captain returns home to Coruscant to rescue her estranged sister.


 August 26, 2023  49m

episode 167: Coruscant is Cracking: Routine Maintenance (feat. Stevedore)

A service worker ventures into the depths in order to upgrade his wrench.


 July 12, 2023  1h15m

episode 166: Coruscant is Cracking: One Last Job (feat. Acey J)

A Shistavanen bodega owner suits up for one last job...


 June 28, 2023  1h9m