Silhouette Zero: Star Wars Edge of the Empire Actual Play Podcast

SILHOUETTE ZERO is an actual play podcast for Fantasy Flight Games Edge of the Empire, produced by the Ing Brothers. For more information, go to

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Episode 18: Click to the Rescue

While waiting for repairs to the SPICE WOLF, Click and Tazi went to an OPEN AUDITION in hopes of FAME AND MUSIC. However, the audition turned out to be a TRAP set by  the HUTT SLAVER OREEN. Can Click rescue her without ship and crew?  Please leave an ...


 2016-08-02  43m

Episode 17: Sluis Van Shopping Spree

UPDATED: Odd pause in the middle removed.It's a shopping episode! Repairs are underway to get the SPICE WOLF up to specs, and Click decides it's time for new gear.


 2016-07-19  59m

Episode 16: The Triumphant Racer

Click finds himself in the deadliest race of his career! Racing his pod the ZIPPING ZILLOW on the Bakura ocean track, Click has discovered that his opponent's pod contains Reyna's friend TALLORICK. Will Click and the crew be able to save Tallorick and C...


 2016-06-29  33m

Episode 15: Punch It!

It is the day of the Bakura race. Click has spent all night preparing to reclaim his honor and identity, sitting in his pod the ZIPPING ZILLOW. Meanwhile, SINISTER FORCES work in the background to cause harm to the crew of the SPICE WOLF. Will Click be ...


 2016-06-22  46m

Episode 14: Don't Talk to the Driver

Instead of building a new pod, Jinko and Coby stole Click's original pod: the ZIPPING ZILLOW. But is it in good enough condition to race? What will Reyna say when she hears about all of this? 


 2016-06-08  33m

Episode 13: A Tale of Two Clicks

Click is forced to confront his podracing past when an impostor Chadra-Fan steps up to claim his fame and glory. 


 2016-05-31  36m

Episode 12: The Future of Podracing

Having successfully escaped the CLOUD CITY, the crew of the SPICE WOLF head to the outer rim world of BAKURA. Will Click be able to sell the power converters while keeping the fugitive TALLORICK hidden from the Empire? And what secrets does the Drall doc...


 2016-05-18  38m

Episode 11: Imperial Pressures

Click has discovered that Reyna's friend TALLORICK is wanted by the GALACTIC EMPIRE. Some quick thinking and showmanship has bought the crew some time, but will he be able to evade Imperial capture? And what about finding their next job? 


 2016-05-10  1h8m

Episode 10: Your Voice is Really Particular

Click and crew meet Tallorick, a mysterious Drall from Reyna's past. Coby and Jinko try to steal things again.  If you enjoy the show, please give us a review on iTunes and spread the word!


 2016-05-01  47m

Episode 9: The Trouble with Ugnaughts

Tazi and Coby take journey through the hidden world of the Cloud City. Click learns to gamble.  SILHOUETTE ZERO is an actual play podcast for Fantasy Flight Games Edge of the Empire, produced by the Ing Brothers. For more information, check out SilZero...


 2016-04-22  39m