Silhouette Zero: Star Wars Edge of the Empire Actual Play Podcast

SILHOUETTE ZERO is an actual play podcast for Fantasy Flight Games Edge of the Empire, produced by the Ing Brothers. For more information, go to

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Episode 32: Shootout at Nar Shaddaa

Our contest for ENTER THE UNKNOWN ends on 4/21/17! Leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher, or GooglePlay to enter, then send an email to Click's investigation has brought the crew to the lair of the TECHNO MARAUDERS, a dangerous ...


 2017-04-18  44m

Episode 31: Family Matters

We're having a giveaway! To enter, leave us a review on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play, then email to tell me your review name.  SILHOUETTE ZERO, EPISODE 31: Family Matters The crew of the SPICE WOLF arrive on Nar Shaddaa, ...


 2017-04-11  1h2m

Episode 30: Preparing for Nar Shaddaa

Enter our ENTER THE UNKNOWN giveaway! Leave us a review on iTunes and then send an email to to let me know what your iTunes name is. Any review will qualify!  SILHOUETTE ZERO EPISODE 30: Preparing for Nar Shaddaa. Having defe...


 2017-04-04  35m

Episode 29: Battle the Basilisk

SILHOUETTE ZERO EPISODE 29: Battle the Basilisk On a misison to collect vital information for the REBEL ALLIANCE, CLICK and the crew of the SPICE WOLF find a derelict Corellian Corvette. While investigating the wreckage, Click comes face to face with...


 2017-03-23  54m

REPAIRED Episode 28: Ace Hotshot

Sorry folks, this one should be much better. I hope ;___;  Exhilirated by his successful mission with the REBEL ALLIANCE, Click returns to the SPICE WOLF to take on a new mission: retrieving vital information. Can Click adjust to such a simple missio...


 2017-03-02  1h3m

Episode 27: Ghost 2

Click's first mission with the REBEL ALLIANCE to scout a TIE FIGHTER DEPOT has him craving adrenaline and thirsting for revenge. Now Click will strap in once again to destroy that very same depot. Will his inexperience in combat be his undoing? And c...


 2017-02-19  40m

Episode 26: Gray 2

Click begins to pay off his debt to the REBEL ALLIANCE by flying a combat mission.  Please rate and review us on iTunes! Thanks to all who already have! Follow us on Twitter: @SilZeroChris and @SilZeroMatt 


 2017-02-13  41m

Episode 25: Friend or Foe

SILHOUTTE ZERO, EPISODE 25: FRIEND OR FOE After their daring escape from the Sluis Van imperial detention facility, Click, Jinko, Tazi, and Coby have finally recovered the SPICE WOLF. However, tough decisions must be made. Will they return to CAPTAIN...


 2017-01-17  40m

Episode 24: Escape from Sluis Van

Check out Chris' appearance on PARTY OF ONE PODCAST and his contributions to DICE FOR BRAINS podcast! After being betrayed by fellow Chadra Fan Wink, Click, Tazi, and Jinko find themselves prisoners in a temporary Impeiral Detention Facility, where t...


 2017-01-07  58m

Episode 23: Coby Alone

Click and the crew are working with REBEL ALLIANCE AGENT WINK to help rescue CAPTAIN REYNA and TALLORICK from a local Imperial detention facility. The crew packs themselves into a secret shipment, hoping their small silhouettes will be enough to gain...


 2016-11-24  38m