The Soundtracker Podcast will be taking a weekly deep-dive into the era of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Every episode will cover one soundtrack, as well as examine the film that inspired it. A fun and unpretentious film and music discussion, which will attempt to track the history of the soundtrack, from their early days up through the 90s soundtrack boom, as well as the steady decline that followed. New episodes every Friday.

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Episode 13: Lost Highway

Today on Soundtracker I'm joined by Scott Wampler (@ScottWamplerBMD) of The Kingcast to talk about David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY. In this episode we talk about what a singular figure in American filmmaking David Lynch is, how much edibles is too much edibles, that extremely weird commercial for orange juice with Robert Loggia in it, and (as always) the soundtrack itself. 



 2021-11-12  2h5m

episode 12: Episode 12: Top Gun

Today on Soundtracker I'm joined by Francis Horton (@ArmyStrang), of the What a Hell of a Way to Die podcast, to talk about TOP GUN. In this episode we discuss the long road to getting both the movie and the soundtrack made, reinterpret the volleyball scene, and talk about the tricky act of loving certain problematic entertainment.



 2021-11-05  1h37m

episode 11: Episode 11: Black Roses/Rock n Roll Nightmare

Here at Soundtracker I couldn't get through my first Halloween month without covering a satanic panic/heavy metal horror soundtrack. Thankfully Simon Barrett (@Simon_Barrett, writer: YOU'RE NEXT, THE GUEST, BLAIR WITCH and writer/director of this year's SEANCE) stepped in to cover not one but two movies: John Fasano's heavy metal horror duology BLACK ROSES and ROCK N ROLL NIGHTMARE...


 2021-10-29  2h49m

episode 10: Episode 10: Tales from the Hood

Today I'm joined by Brett Gallman (@brettgallman) of Fangoria and Oh the Horror to discuss one of the greatest horror anthologies ever made: TALES FROM THE HOOD. In this episode we talk about how badly critics whiffed on the movie when it came out, the societal issues that make it just as relevant today as it was when it came out, the boutique labels keeping physical media alive, and the incredible soundtrack. 

Oh, the Horror:


 2021-10-22  2h7m

episode 9: Episode 9: Idle Hands

Soundtracker keeps the Halloween train rolling. On today's episode I'm joined by Patrick Monahan (@Pattymo) of the What a Time to be Alive podcast (but definitely not the Train guy) to cover IDLE HANDS, a movie that has over the years (very deservedly) gained a cult following. In this episode we discuss Fred Willard's ability to be funny doing anything, Devon Sawa's physical comedy prowess, pop-punk nostalgia and, of course, the soundtrack...


 2021-10-15  1h26m

episode 8: Episode 8: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Today I'm joined by Robert Ottone (@RobertOttone), author of The Girl in the Floor and  Her Infernal Name & Other Nightmares, to keep the ball rolling on Halloween month with the I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER soundtrack. We talk about the imposing look of the killer, Sarah Michelle Gellar's role as a 90s scream queen, the era of the post-Scream slasher and what it meant for horror going forward, and--as always--cover the surprisingly stellar soundtrack...


 2021-10-08  2h3m

episode 7: Episode 7: The Lost Boys

Today on Soundtracker I kick off Halloween with the beginning of the show's first-ever themed month: a full slate of horror movie soundtracks to celebrate spooky season. On this episode I'm joined by Dan Boeckner (@DanBoeckner) of Wolf Parade, Operators and The Bottlemen Podcast to talk about Joel Schumacher's 1987 vampire classic THE LOST BOYS...


 2021-10-01  2h4m

episode 6: Episode 6: Meet the Deedles

Today I'm joined by PFT Commenter (@PFTCommenter) of Pardon My Take, where we put on our best checkerboard patterned outfits and go skankin' with the MEET THE DEEDLES soundtrack. In this episode we try to piece together exactly who this movie was made for, say nice things about Sublime, and learn that used copies of this movie on DVD go for more than the cost of a used Playstation 3. 



 2021-09-24  1h52m

episode 5: Episode 5: Escape From L.A.

Today I'm joined by Will Menaker (@willmenaker) of Chapo Trap House, where we discuss John Carpenter's incredibly misunderstood ESCAPE FROM L.A., the extremely mid-90s soundtrack, Carpenter's ability to make the ultimate Dudes Rock movies, and try in earnest to jumpstart the re-evaluation of his post-80s output.



 2021-09-17  1h17m

episode 4: Episode 4: Point Break

Today I'm joined by Howell Dawdy of Howell Dawdy's Fast Track (@HowellDawdy), the man who brought you the incredible Soundtracker theme song, to discuss POINT BREAK, the misunderstood acting chops of Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, and developing personalities based around movies. Thankfully it turns out the movie is just as fun to discuss as it is to watch. 

Fast Track:


 2021-09-10  2h0m