Every season is a different fictional tale. A mini-series for the ears. Every season will introduce a new genre, a new plot, and new characters.

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The Stone House - Episode Fourteen

Val is physically and mentally weak, but he's finally come up with a plan of escape. Will it work? Meanwhile, Delilah is in some trouble of her own. She confronts Gavin about his use of the words "dear" and "Nadia", causing things to quickly spiral...


 2021-12-03  30m

The Stone House - Episode Thirteen

Delilah decides to get some answers about not only the house, but about Gavin and Noah as well. Meanwhile, Val, still stuck in the cave, searches the corpses to do his own research. But he can't keep waiting around. He's getting weaker with each...


 2021-10-28  25m

The Stone House - Episode Twelve

Once again, Gavin disappears into the woods at night. But this time a storm has moved in. While he's gone, Noah visits Delilah in her room. It doesn't take long before Delilah is uncovering the mystery of the taped up photos in the living room....


 2021-10-04  23m

The Stone House - Episode Eleven

Delilah becomes more and more confused with each passing day as she tries to cope with Gavin and wait for the boat. But now she's sure the boat isn't coming. Meanwhile, Val frees the bodies at the bottom of the pool, and fights to stay alive. Music:...


 2021-09-01  26m

The Stone House - Episode Ten

Delilah is suspicious of Gavin and wants to have a look around the woods. She goes exploring, even though Gavin doesn't approve. She makes her way to the cliff with the view of the lighthouse, and there, she believes she sees someone. But when she...


 2021-07-28  26m

The Stone House - Episode Nine

Val thinks back to his rock climbing days which gives him the motivation to try for an escape. But he's already weak, tired, and cold. Can he climb over twenty feet to escape the confines of the cave? Meanwhile, Delilah continues searching the beach....


 2021-06-29  25m

The Stone House - Episode Eight

Gavin wakes Delilah to tell her of the terrible news: Val drunkenly fell off a rocky cliff to his doom. Caught off guard and completely distraught she goes searching for Val. But it doesn't take long before she truly questions what Gavin is telling...


 2021-05-25  28m

The Stone House - Episode Seven

Val and Dee are ready to go home, but Gavin refuses to give them a straight answer about the ship's arrival. As they prepare to spend another night in the stone house, Val and Dee reconcile and end up sharing a bed. When Val awakens he finds Gavin...


 2021-04-25  31m

The Stone House - Episode Six

Val decides to take some time to himself and go exploring around the island, much to the chagrin of Gavin. When he returns, he helps Gavin with the cows, while Delilah plays with Noah and his toy cars. Dinner provides another awkward moment when Val...


 2021-03-28  32m

The Stone House - Episode Five

After Dee and Val fight over past issues, Val hikes off into the woods, leaving Dee alone and hurting. She ends up talking to Gavin in an effort to relieve the pain, but all Gavin does is make things awkward. Eventually Dee goes looking for Val,...


 2021-02-28  26m