Super Sentai Brothers - The Spy Who Loved Megaranger

Host Matt Jay, joined by co-host and brother Dave, takes a journey through classic Super Sentai series -- the franchise which inspired and sourced the American Power Rangers franchise!

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episode 8: Live and Let Dairanger Episode 7 - Traitooor!

Wherein The Force Is With The Rangers, Sorta


 2014-10-27  53m

episode 7: Live and Let Dairanger Episode 6 - Wind, Cut Through!

Wherein The Guys Experiment with New Equipment and So Do the Rangers


 2014-10-21  1h4m

episode 6: Live and Let Dairanger Special Episode - Dairanger The Movie!

Wherein Old Friends are Visited and Old Enemies are Fought


 2014-10-14  1h7m

episode 5: Live and Let Dairanger Episode 5 - The Jewels Have Come

Wherein Lin Has Visions and A Special Episode is Teased


 2014-10-07  49m

episode 4: Live and Let Dairanger Episode 4 - We're Naive!!

Wherein Ryou Drops a Plate and A Puppet Skateboards


 2014-09-30  47m

episode 3: Live and Let Dairanger Episode 3 - Your Souls, Please!

Wherein Matt Celebrates a Birthday and Nobody Believes Shouji


 2014-09-23  46m

episode 2: Live and Let Dairanger Episode 2 - It's Qi-Power!!

Wherein Dave Pines for Giant Robots


 2014-09-16  46m

episode 1: Live and Let Dairanger Episode 1 - Let's Tenshin!!!

Wherein Matt and Dave Meet Mythical Chi Beast RyuseiOh and Encounter a Murder Basement


 2014-09-09  52m