Tales from the Stinky Dragon

A D&D actual play podcast in the midst of its second campaign! Join us in the world of Grotethe —a dark domain ruled by vampires, ghosts, and other monstrosities. Four adventurers get tangled up in a murderous mystery that not only threatens peace across the lands, but perhaps their very lives! You can also go back and listen to where it all began in our first campaign - The Tale of The Infinights! Dungeon Master Gus Sorola leads these band of misfits - Barbara Dunkelman, Chris Demarais, Jon Risinger, & Blaine Gibson - in "Tales From The Stinky Dragon"!


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episode 71: Betwixt The Bramblecracks - Ep. 71 - His Name Is

The Infinights have a lot of questions for the rulers of the Buh-Bayou before learning about the next stop on their adventure in the thrilling conclusion to this Arc!


 November 2, 2022  1h4m

episode 72: Of Life & Breath - Ep. 72 - Young at Bart

Our Adventurer's meet up with some old friends to formulate a two-pronged plan of action to kick off Arc 7 in the Infinight Saga- Of Life & Breath!


 November 23, 2022  1h25m

episode 73: Of Life & Breath - Ep. 73 - Naval-Gazing

The Infinights make their plan of action to make it into the land of Tetora! But what tricks and traps await them in this land of mystery....


 November 30, 2022  1h25m

episode 74: Of Life & Breath - Ep. 74 - Win, Lose, or Shaddrow

Our adventurers skirmish with several Shaddrow in a darkened city in search of a Draconic Elder.


 December 7, 2022  1h12m

episode 75: Of Life & Breath - Ep. 75 - Curmudgeons & Dragons

Our adventurers travel in search of the Elders of Tetora.


 December 14, 2022  1h27m

episode 76: Of Life & Breath - Ep. 76 - With Barted Breath

The interns find themselves transported into the microcosm of the Breath Monolith closing in on the next Diagem.


 December 21, 2022  1h24m

episode 77: Of Life & Breath - Ep. 77 - Half And Halfling

Tasked with climbing Mount Saiyomoto the party must evade the Shaddo Dragon Ladoria quickly closing in on them....


 December 28, 2022  1h4m

episode 78: Of Life & Breath - Ep. 78 - The Quarterling Vs. The Shaddo Queen

Everything in Tetora has led to this - the Infinights take on Inku the Shaddo Queen and the fate of someone dear to the party hangs in the balance.


 January 4, 2023  1h25m

episode 79: Lost Dianasty - Ep. 79 - Who’s Your Daddy?

The Infinights return from Tetora preparing for Entropa’s next steps and looking for the location of a mysterious island.


 January 18, 2023  1h22m

episode 80: Lost Dianasty - Ep. 80 - Fruits Of Lae-Bahoor

The Infinights learn about the Embrioak Woods and test their skills rearing fruit babies.


 January 25, 2023  1h11m