Transatlantic Cable Podcast

Kaspersky Lab’s security experts discuss recent news and give their advice on the topics of computer and smartphone protection.

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episode 111: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 111

TikTok, Google and further news around Cambridge Analytica


 2019-09-24  24m

episode 110: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 110

Equifax, fake cancer cures and cyber-insurance?


 2019-09-17  22m

episode 109: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 109

Welcome to the 109th edition of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable Podcast, on this week’s edition, Dave and I take a look at some of the security stories you may have missed over the past week.   To kick things off, we take a look at the $107...


 2019-09-11  18m

episode 108: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 108

Firefox, London TfL and yet more news about ransomware


 2019-09-05  22m

episode 107: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 107

For the latest Kaspersky Daily podcast, Dave and I dive into some of the biggest security stories that may have passed your radar this week.   To kick off episode 107, we head to Kazakhstan. A while back, the government asked its citizens to...


 2019-08-27  22m

episode 106: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 106

Fortnite, Mercedes and US healthcare


 2019-08-21  23m

episode 105: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 105

Welcome to the 105th instalment of the Kaspersky podcast, Dave and I take a look at some important stories that you may have missed this week. To kick things off, we look at recent news on robocall-blocking apps. While they may look to curb the volume...


 2019-08-14  21m

episode 104: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 104

  To start things off, we head to a meeting of the Five Eyes nations. While there, the government representatives pushed for more backdoors in encryption – because criminals. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Following that story, we...


 2019-08-07  20m

episode 103: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 103

Facebook and politics, iOS bugs and a contactless hack.


 2019-07-31  20m

episode 102: Transatlantic Cable Podcast - Episode 102

Welcome to the 102nd instalment of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast. For this week’s episode, Dave and I stay mostly in the consumer sphere with some highlights for parents. The first story of the week takes a look at the fine levied on...


 2019-07-25  20m