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The Lipinski

A startling 300-year journey of a Stradivarius violin through the lives of geniuses,...


 2014-12-28  50m

Surviving the Most Lethal Route in the World

One boat, two families; trying to escape war in Syria, desperate to start a new life...


 2014-12-27  50m

The Great War Diaries

How ordinary people – soldiers, mothers, nurses, even children – experienced World...


 2014-12-25  50m

Abdi and the Golden Ticket

Assignment follows Abdi Nor, a winner of the annual US green card lottery, as he to a...


 2014-12-25  27m

Karaoke as Art?

Is karaoke now an art form? Music critic Katie Puckrik hits the clubs in Portland, to...


 2014-12-24  27m

The Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra

The Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste or Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra, is the only in...


 2014-12-23  27m

Global Beats: Lisbon

Music pulsates in Lisbon, from the traditional and dramatic Fado to the contemporary a...


 2014-12-21  49m

Mothers of Jihadists

An international NGO, Women without Borders, based in Vienna, with years of experience...


 2014-12-21  23m

The Knights of New Russia

Tim Whewell gains rare access to the shadowy world of Russia's radical nationalists in...


 2014-12-18  26m

Afghan Women: Speaking Out, Losing Lives

A vivid portrait of the everyday lives of girls and women at a turning point in Afghan...


 2014-12-17  27m