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The Dog Savant Podcast features celebrity dog trainer Brett Endes. Brett is the star of The Untrainables series featured on Facebook Watch and has been a professional dog trainer/problem behavior specialist for over 27 years. Aggression, separation anxiety, house training, and everything else - Brett's got you covered. Learn how to understand your dog and solve behavior problems utilizing Brett’s unique and proven way of training dogs. Visit for more info. Follow Brett on: Facebook: Instagram: @thedogsavant Twitter: @thedogsavant Patreon: Watch the Untrainables!

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episode 21: Dog Parks

In this episode, Brett discusses the pros and cons of Dog Parks and how to choose one for your dog.


 2018-11-05  14m

episode 20: Small Dog Struggles

In this episode, Brett reminds us of the importance of treating small dogs just like larger dogs, even though we often have the urge to baby them.  


 2018-10-29  17m

episode 19: Questions & Answers Part 1

In this episode, Brett answers questions from the audience including the challenging question, if a dog kills once, will it kill again?


 2018-10-22  17m

episode 18: Pavlovs Human

In this episode, Brett discusses Operant Conditioning and answers a question from a listener about leash pulling and reactivity.


 2018-10-15  15m

episode 17: Bow Wow Bill

Bow Wow Bill and Brett discuss dog and their unique shared perspectives on understanding dogs.


 2018-10-08  1h1m

episode 16: A Dog's Purpose

In this episode, Brett discusses the importance of allowing a dog to live their truth as companions to humankind.


 2018-10-01  14m

episode 15: Alpha

In this episode, Brett shares his thoughts on the new film 'Alpha' and answers a frequently asked question he gets from clients.


 2018-09-24  14m

episode 14: Benefits of Structured Walking

Brett discusses the benefits of a structured dog walk and how it can set your relationship up with your dog for success in many different areas.


 2018-09-16  11m

episode 13: Sensory Processing

In this episode, Brett discusses how a dog's sensory processing system works and the importance of relating to your dog with this in mind


 2018-09-16  14m

episode 12: Just Say No to Retractable Leashes

Retractable leashes are not helpful when it comes to teaching your dog how to walk properly.  They are also not safe when walking your dog in public areas.  Brett explains why this is one piece of equipment that has should never have been...


 2018-09-06  14m