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The Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast is hosted by Travis Sherry, a serial entrepreneur and world traveler. Known as "Rick Steves for the new generation", this podcast will teach you everything you need to know to travel more and spend less. From interviews with some of the world's most famous travel names, like Chris Guillebeau, Bruce Poon Tip, AJ Jacobs, Chris Christensen and others to specific travel advice on how to use frequent flyer miles, score cheap hotels, pack like a pro, and travel on a budget, this show does it all. We'll also highlight specific destinations, telling you what it's really like to travel to India, the best places to eat and sleep in Paris, and top everything off with our Top 10 lists, which will make you laugh, reminisce, and ultimately, be filled with wanderlust. To find out even more, visit our renowned travel site at www.extrapackofpeanuts.com.


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episode 362: 777 Series #7: Meltdown In Myanmar

And we are starting it all off in Myanmar and if you have listened to the podcast before you probably know this as the place where I had my epic meltdown but there is more to the story then just that.


 2019-04-23  18m

episode 361: 7 Lessons Learned From Being Location Independent for 7 Years

In today's show, Heather & I break down the 7 lessons learned from their 7 years of being location independent which translates into the biggest "Oh bleep, it's really happening" moments from the last 7 years. Plus we get super real about what we have mad


 2019-04-20  1h11m

episode 360: Entrepreneur Junkie w/ Jaime Atkinson

I am stoked to be talking today with my buddy, Jaime Atkinson from The EntrepreneurJunkie.co because I am extremely proud of his journey, his passion for entrepreneurship, and his unflinching honesty.


 2019-04-16  1h9m

episode 359: Travel Safely With World Nomads w/ Phil Sylvester

Joining me today is someone who serves as a lifeguard at one of Sydney’s beaches, who loves Aussie Rules football, and who knows more about travel insurance than almost any other human alive, Phil Sylvester, Head of Media and Communications for World N


 2019-04-09  1h9m

episode 358: Taking The Tuk-Tuk Across Australia, Then The World w/ Julian O'Shea

Joining me today is someone who has lived, worked, and traveled in over 150 countries, who set a Guinness World Record on 3,700 km rail journey across China, and who, by the time you’re listening to this, will have embarked on a journey driving a solar-


 2019-04-02  52m

episode 357: Guidebook Writing & The National Parks w/ Jaime Kaiser

Joining me today is someone whose work has graced the cover of National Geographic, who has sold over 150,000 copies of his guidebooks, and who claims to have the best job in the world (I may argue this point), James Kaiser, award-winning travel writer a


 2019-03-26  1h6m

episode 356: Budget Your Trip w/ Bryan Tighe

Today's guest is someone who has been to more than 50 countries, who took a year-long round the world adventure in 2009, and who, during that entire time, kept a detailed and meticulous spreadsheet that any number loving nerd like myself would geek out o


 2019-03-19  1h7m

episode 355: Being Globally Curious with Seth Kugel

Today's guest is former Frugal Traveler columnist for the New York Times and author of Rediscovering Travel: A Guide for the Globally Curious, Seth Kugel. Seth is also known in some circles as the "Latino food expert", can claim that he has written for t


 2019-03-07  1h15m

episode 354: Falling In Love With Morocco w/ Lucas Peters

Joining me today is Lucas Peters, an award-winning writer and photographer, who has lived abroad in village on a mountain and then moved to one of the world’s most expensive cities, and who is pushing me (in a good way) to take Heather to Morocco more t


 2019-02-26  1h23m

episode 353: Taking To The Air w/ Mark Furness

Mark Furness, an airline pilot, has been to all seven continents, became a qualified pilot at age 22, has flown over 2 million miles, which is the equivalent of 4 roundtrips to the moon, and is my guest on today's episode.


 2019-02-21  1h19m