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A fortnightly military history podcast looking at all aspect of war throughout the ages.

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The Campaigns of Gnaeus Julius Agricola

Jasper and team go back to the first Ancient Warfare magazine and discuss the career of Gnaeus Julius Agricola, the issues of the sources such a Tacitus and his use of axillery troops among over things. Gnaeus Julius Agricola was govenor of...


 2011-03-14  n/a

Royal stalemate - Hellenistic kingdoms at war

Jasper, Murray, Michael and Lindsay discuss a the post Alexander Hellenistic world looking at uniforms (or lack of) and the colours they might be, Ross Cowans article sticks and stones and the use of low tech improvised weapons. Michael elaborates on...


 2011-02-27  31m

Podtrail 01 - Soho, London (MP3 Version)

Welcome to the Soho Podtrail, brought to you by This is a guided tour of London’s Soho area, it is by no means all there is to see so if you feel the urge to take a diversion just pause your mp3 player and do so. You may...


 2011-01-24  28m

Warfare and Religion

Warfare and Religion Jasper, Lindsay, Murray and Mike tip toe through warfare and religion, a fitting topic for this time of the year!   Merry Christmas!


 2010-12-24  47m

Darkness descends - The end of the Bronze Age empires

Jasper and the gang with special guest Mark Schwartz discuss the end of the bronze age and the coming of the Sea people raiding in the Mediterranean.


 2010-12-09  46m

Belisarius & The Byzantine Empires

Belisarius & The Byzantine Empires Jasper and the team are joined by Ian Huges, author of “Belisarius: The Last Roman General”, to discuss Ancient Warfare issue IV-3, and further explore subjects brought up in the magazine. Belisarius...


 2010-11-16  38m

Core of the Legions: The Roman Imperial Centuria

  Jasper and the team discuss issues brought up in the Ancient Warfare special for 2010, The Core of the Legions: The Roman Imperial Centuria. Dur: 1hr 04min  


 2010-10-15  1h4m

Siege Warfare

Jasper and the team discuss issues brought up in Ancient Warfare magazine issue IV-2 around the topic of sieges in the ancient world.


 2010-09-16  45m

Before Rome Ruled Italy

Before Rome Ruled Italy A look at the Italian peninsular and the existing peoples before Rome took control. Jasper discusses with Murray Dahm, Lindsay Powell and Michael Taylor issues that the magazine brought up. Dur: 45min File: MP3


 2010-04-13  42m

Battlefield Communications

Before Radios existed, co ordinating the tactical movements of thousands of men on the battlefield would have required a well organised system of transmitting commands. In the ancient world these commands would be transmitted by trumpets and horns and...


 2010-03-02  40m