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Interviews with the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. We sit down with entrepreneurs and those responsible for scaling businesses behind the scenes. Those who have paved their own paths in life, and have built a business they are proud of. We do not exclusively interview millionaires - this is not what entrepreneurship is about. Entrepreneurship is about building something for yourself and creating a community around it. The guests we bring on come from all walks of life and all have distinct entrepreneurial journeys. Our podcast is a platform for listeners to hear real stories, real experiences, and real advice. This is T.H.E. Podcast.

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episode 140: "America's simplest business" founder Brian Winch on teaching ANYONE the "Clean Lots" how-to approach

Side Hustle Coach and "" Founder. grew a side gig in 1981 into a 6 figure business that he still operates today. He started with little money, education and skills but plenty of passion, patience and persistence. He's got plenty of tips, stories and...


 2021-07-28  33m

episode 139: Getting to the CORE of Content w/ "Niche, Please!" Author & Renzler Media Founder Skyler Irvine (New Book July 27th)

"" Author and Founder of . As someone in charge of creatine content and brand building for others, Skyler understands how to adapt your marketing strategy, meaningfully connect you with your customers, and focus on the platform that drives...


 2021-07-22  58m

No BS Entrepreneurial Coach and Financial Advisor Henry Daas on Getting Sh!t Done and Money Traps

Author of and . Whether it's finding the right coach, making the most of your time or simply NOT spending money when you don't have to... Henry has something to say about it! We go over the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people,...


 2021-07-20  45m

episode 137: Shopify Development Expert & Gapstow Agency Founder Shawn Moreau on 0 - 7 fig SCALE Strategies

Shopify Development Expert & Agency Founder. Shawn's versatility has enabled his agency to work with brands across all industries and spaces which has resulted in unlocking go-to proven strategies for success scale. Gapstow specializes in...


 2021-07-16  45m

episode 136: Shopify Plus Partner/Ecommerce Quarterback Ben Zettler on Growing ALL Areas of Your Business

E-commerce Quarterback and Founder of . Ben has been hacking all areas of e-commerce for well over 10 years now. Not only has he scaled and sold his own online business but he's also helped one of the biggest official sports memorabilia companies of...


 2021-07-14  51m

episode 135: $1 Million a Month Bedding Co. "Sheets & Giggles" Founder on Scaling w/ OG Branding the SOLOPRENEUR way

Founder and Sustainable Bedding Entrepreneur. With just a taste of start-up experience, Colin found himself ready to take on real purpose by building something of his own, on his own. Making Kickstarter history, followed by never-ending 18 hour days...


 2021-07-07  1h1m

episode 134: Uranium is going NUCLEAR! Sizing up the SHORT-SQUEEZE with Uranium Royalty Corp President Scott Melbye

36-year Nuclear Energy Veteran and President of (Nasdaq: ) (). URC currently holds 16 royalties in their ever-growing portfolio with plans for 20+ by this time next year. Staying ahead of the commodity supercycle as uranium joins the ranks of...


 2021-06-29  30m

episode 133: Los Angeles Very Own Papa Cantella's on 40 Years of Booming Business and New LA Dodger's Franchise "Dodger Dog" Takeover with President Tony Cantella

Producer of the Los Angeles Dodger Franchise "Dodger Dog" and Food Industry Pioneer Tony Cantella. As president of Los Angeles very own , a family owned and operated food company specializing in premium sausages Tony has mastered the "power of the...


 2021-06-25  37m

episode 132: The Art and Ecosystem of Consumer Brand Good Product Labels with Clean Label Project Executive Director Jackie Bowen

Food safety and Quality Systems Engineer/Executive Director of - a national non-profit and certification organization with the mission to bring truth and transparency to food and consumer product labeling. Jackie covers the importance and reward...


 2021-06-18  35m

episode 131: 4th Generation Family Business Entrepreneur - Keeping the Tradition Alive! and Starting New Businesses in the Process with CB Supplement Founder Charlie Bailes

4th Generation Family Businessman and Collage Protein Entrepreneur. Charlie has worked his way up from entry-level employee, to lower-level management, and now to an executive level in the family business . In the middle of pursuing his MBA he decided...


 2021-06-16  50m