The Kaiju Transmissions Podcast

Join hosts Byrd and Matt as they discuss all things giant monsters, tokusatsu, and Japanese fantasy films. We'll also cover comics, cartoons, toys, books, and more! Come here for a regular dose of everything from Godzilla and Gamera to King Kong and Ray Harryhausen to Ultraman, and everything in between!

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episode 308: Meg 2: The Trench (2023)

Byrd, Matt and returning guest host Trev take the dive into the trench to talk about Meg 2!  In this sequel, we not only have a giant Megalodon, but also a bunch of other hungry prehistoric beasties trying to eat Jason Statham and friends.  It is als...


 August 14, 2023  1h29m

episode 307: Shin Kamen Rider (2023) + Oppenheimer (2023)

Shin Kamenheimer!  We are joined by Kevin and Lux to discuss Hideaki Anno's new film Shin Kamen Rider, the latest entry in the "Shin" series of reboot films.  The film works as a retelling of the classic story of Takeshi Hongo's transformation into e...


 August 7, 2023  2h1m

episode 306: G-Fest 2023 Recap + Kaiju News Roundup

Byrd and Kevin (with bystander Lux Edwards and sort of Matt) give a rundown of this year's G-Fest convention (which took place this past July 14-16).  We talk about the panels we both held and witnessed, the guests, and other highlights.  We also rev...


 July 31, 2023  1h23m

episode 305: Ultraman and Godzilla Go To San Francisco with Bob Johnson!

We're joined once again by special guest Bob Johnson (SciFi Japan, Planet 8 Podcast, Bay Area Film Events) for another interview, this time discussing not one but two weekend long tokusatsu film festivals happening this summer in San Francisco.  Bob ...


 July 10, 2023  1h29m

episode 304: Skull Island (Animated Series, 2023)

Byrd, Matt and Kevin discuss the brand new Skull Island animated series.  Made for Netflix by Legendary and Powerhouse Animation Studios (Castlevania) and developed by writer Brian Duffield (Underwater, Love and Monsters), the series follows a group ...


 July 4, 2023  1h4m

episode 303: Space Monster Wangmagwi (1967)

Byrd, Matt and Kevin discuss the South Korean obscurity, 1967's Space Monster Wangmagwi!  Made (cheaply) to compete with the same year's Yongary, Wangmagwi has been a rarity up until 2023 when it got its first home video release (in any country!) via...


 June 19, 2023  59m

episode 302: Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991) Audio Commentary

We are joined once again by our Kaiju Masterclass co-conspirator, writer Patrick Galvan (SyFy, Our Culture, Ruan Lingyu: Her Life and Career), this time for a full audio commentary for 1991's Godzilla vs King Ghidorah! This 90s rematch between Godzi...


 June 5, 2023  2h7m

episode 301: Them! (1954)

We finally take our first step into the vast "giant bug" subgenre with the granddaddy of them all, 1954's classic Them!  Along with the Beast From 20,000 Fathoms and Godzilla, this film helped kick off a new era of atomic monster film, warning the pu...


 May 24, 2023  55m

episode 300: Power Rangers: Once & Always (2023) + Smoking Causes Coughing (2022)

Byrd, Matt, and guest host Trev (Days of Future Podcast, Failure To Franchise) run through a superhero double feature.  First up is the recent Power Rangers reunion special from Netflix, which sees many of the original Power Rangers team return to fa...


 May 8, 2023  1h56m

episode 299: Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (2022) Comic Review

For our first comic book review, we are joined by Trev and Tom to talk about IDW/Boom Studio's crossover comic miniseries, Godzilla vs The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, written by Cullen Bunn (Deadpool, The Sixth Gun, Godzilla: Cataclysm) and drawn b...


 May 1, 2023  1h20m