The Monster Island Film Vault

A podcast seeking entertainment and enlightenment through tokusatsu. Origin Story: After vacationing on the Monsterland Resort, professional writer/raging nerd Nathan Marchand got a job as the curator of the Vault containing the films about Monster Island’s many kaiju residents. Now he and his intrepid producer, Jimmy From NASA (who miraculous survived the infamous War in Space), record a bi-weekly podcast critically and academically examining each of the films in the prestigious Vault with one to four guest hosts chosen from Monster Island’s many tourists. Philosophy: Kaiju and/or tokusatsu fans will tell you these genres are undeniably fun. What’s often missed, though, are the deeper meanings below the sensational surface. Meanings entrenched in the story’s original historical and cultural context. That’s why this podcast believes in film appreciation. What’s that? It’s studying a movie’s script, direction, cinematography, and other aspects of filmmaking. It’s learning how and why it was created since movies aren’t made in a vacuum. This is especially true with foreign films. Non-native audiences are separated by both time and culture with them...

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Episode 18: Bex vs. ‘Rebirth of Mothra II’

Hello, kaiju lovers! The “Summer of Mothra” continues with Rebirth of Mothra II—the valley between two short mountains in the ‘90s Mothra trilogy. Once again…Continue ReadingEpisode 18: Bex vs. ‘Rebirth of Mothra II’


 2020-06-10  1h48m

Episode 17: ‘The Last War’ (Mini-Analysis)

Hello, kaiju lovers! Except today’s episode isn’t about giant monsters. Heck, it’s barely about tokusatsu. Nathan is analyzing the criminally underseen 1961 antiwar drama The…Continue ReadingEpisode 17: ‘The Last War’ (Mini-Analysis)


 2020-05-27  29m


Kaiju Quarantine is back, baby! Join your favorite giant monster podcasters as they climb Trash Mountain and riff ten of the most awesomely awful movies…Continue ReadingKAIJU QUARANTINE 2: TRASH MOUNTAIN (Trailer)


 2020-05-14  2m

Episode 16: Bex vs. ‘Rebirth of Mothra’

Hello, kaiju lovers! Today we’re giving you something you perhaps didn’t know you wanted—a deep dive into Rebirth of Mothra, the first of a trilogy…Continue ReadingEpisode 16: Bex vs. ‘Rebirth of Mothra’


 2020-05-13  2h16m

Bonus Episode #3: An Excerpt from ‘Destroyer’

Hello, kaiju lovers! For the final bonus episode of April to help you all survive quarantine, Nathan is reading a chapter from his kaiju novella,…Continue ReadingBonus Episode #3: An Excerpt from ‘Destroyer’


 2020-04-29  15m

Episode 15: ‘Battle in Outer Space’ (with Luke Jaconetti)

Hello, kaiju lovers! Today’s episode is a little different. Think of it as an extended “mini-analysis.” It’s also the first film MIFV has covered that…Continue ReadingEpisode 15: ‘Battle in Outer Space’ (with Luke Jaconetti)


 2020-04-23  1h28m

Bonus Episode #2: Interview with Eric Elliott (Batman Meets Godzilla)

Hello, kaiju lovers! HOLY INTERVIEW, BATMAN! You’ve heard it being promoted for several months on the show, and now you’ll get the full story. In…Continue ReadingBonus Episode #2: Interview with Eric Elliott (Batman Meets Godzilla)


 2020-04-15  39m

Episode 14 – Dallas Mora vs. ‘Kong: Skull Island’

Hello, kaiju lovers! We’ve finally reached the MonsterVerse! After surviving in the wilds of Monster Island for two months, Dallas Mora from Geek Devotions joins…Continue ReadingEpisode 14 – Dallas Mora vs. ‘Kong: Skull Island’


 2020-04-08  2h9m

Bonus Episode #1: Jimmy From NASA Presents ‘Space Kong’

Hey, guys! The Vault is now under new management—Jimmy From NASA! Yes, after starting a betting pool during Nathan’s livestream of Override: Mech City Brawl…Continue ReadingBonus Episode #1: Jimmy From NASA Presents ‘Space Kong’


 2020-04-01  10m


Join your favorite kaiju podcasts–including The Monster Island Film Vault–for Kaiju Quarantine, an epic watch party that will lift everyone’s spirits in these troubled times!…Continue ReadingKAIJU QUARANTINE | Trailer #2


 2020-03-27  1m