The Questionable Behavior

Join host Edison Jakupi as he sits down with creators from around the world to have exciting and timeless conversations discussing everything from where these individuals come from to how they got to where they are today. The Questionable Behavior Podcast features guests from all different career backgrounds, ranging from athletes and bodybuilders to authors and musicians, who all have one thing in common: they excel at what they do. An actor and model, as well as the son of an Albanian music legend, Edison does extensive research on each guest so he can highlight their successes while also diving deep into the struggles they’ve faced and what makes them and their story unique. His comedic touch keeps the interviews down to earth and allows listeners to the unique opportunity to connect with the guests and explore the world through their eyes. The QBPC has charted in more than ten countries around the world, hitting the top 100 in categories like Music Interviews and Careers, and has also provided press coverage at festivals and concerts internationally...


episode 5: Ep. 4 Nutritionist Victor Jakupi

Episode 4 we have a certified nutritionist Victor Jakupi, he breaks down the do's and dont's of eating to maintain a healthy weight, as well as grocery store hacks to keep your self out of trouble. Listen to the episode and learn the secrets to losing weight and listen on as Victor breaks a few weight loss myths on the show. Follow us on Instagram @The_QBPC


 2017-07-20  40m

episode 3: Ep. 3 Rap Artist Issaiah & Manager King Mills

Episode 3 we have rapper Issaiah from Paterson NJ and his manager King Mills, they breakdown their friendship, coming up, and the release of their latest mixtape. Filled with laughs & capped off with a 2 freestyles at the end that will leave you asking form more. Make sure to Follow us on Instagram @The_QBPC


 2017-07-11  41m

episode 2: Ep. 2 Bodybuilder Paulie Benvenuto

Episode 2 we had a human statue on the show, soon to be pro bodybuilder Paulie Benvenuto. We discuss his career, nutrition, and how to make those gains. We also dive into gym fails and funny moments while on the road. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @The_QBPC


 2017-07-11  33m

episode 1: Ep. 1 Independent Wrestler Alex Lasko

Episode 1 we have an amateur wrestler striving to hit those ropes in the WWE, we discuss his stunts and how he developed a passion for the sport. We also cover injurys and his first ring debut getting tossed cross ring by a 350 pound behemoth! He also gives us a few impressions of his favorite wrestlers. Follow us on Instagram @The_QBPC


 2017-07-11  29m