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Trump team leave Mueller with tough choices on interview as President tweets ominously on Russia probe, "stay tuned!"; Russia: will work on "retaliatory measures" to U.S. sanctions; Giuliani: GOP will benefit if investigation goes into midterms

GOP's Nunes: "We have to keep the majority " to protect Trump; GOP Rep. Nunes tells donor Senate must confirm Kavanaugh first, then focus on Rosenstein impeachment; Giuliani: GOP will benefit if investigation goes into midterms; Officials: Southern California fire was set intentionally; suspect charged with arson as 20,000 are evacuated; Russia: New U.S...


 2018-08-10  35m

 2018-08-09  37m

Manafort lawyers cross-examine Rick Gates after he testifies he helped ex-boss move secret money; Sources: Proposals by Trump aide Stephen Miller would make it harder for legal immigrants to earn citizenship; Dems hoping to flip reliably GOP House seat in

Gates: Manafort recommended that a banker who loaned him money be nominated as Trump's Army Secretary; Trump weighs Mueller interview, weighs-in on key elections; Wash Post: Giuliani reluctant to allow obstruction questions; Trump plays to base as he backs GOP candidates in key races; Sources: Feds looking into Michael Cohen's bank loans; WSJ: Cohen is under investigation for tax fraud; Sources: Trump aide Stephen Miller's proposals would penalize legal immigrants who use government benefits;...


 2018-08-08  36m

Star witness called in trial of former Trump campaign chairman, Star witness Rick Gates begins testifying in Manafort trial, CNN: Trump urged to stop tweeting about Trump Tower meeting after admitting it was about getting dirt on Clinton, GOP's Paul visit

Star witness Rick Gates begins testifying in Manafort trial, Gates testifies he and Manafort did not report 15 foreign accounts and knew it was illegal, Rick Gates testifies he cheated Manafort out of several hundred thousand dollars, Gates testifies he helped Manafort file false tax returns, GOP's Paul visits Moscow, ignores Russia's election attacks, GOP's Senator Paul in Moscow, says Trump's hands tied on Russia, Mysterious deaths of Russian journalists raises questions


 2018-08-07  36m

CNN: Mueller team meets with "Manhattan Madam"; Kristin Davis has ties to Trump confidant Roger Stone, Trump's problems follow him on vacation as he weighs interview with special counsel Mueller

CNN: Mueller team interviews Roger Stone ally; interest in having "Manhattan Madam" testify, Prosecutors focus on Manafort's alleged tax, bank fraud; Accountant: Ex-Trump campaign chairman hid foreign income, Accountant details Manafort's use of Trump Tower apartment, Trump slams "Russian hoax" after Intelligence chiefs warn of "Real" threat, Russians ridicule new U.S...


 2018-08-04  37m

Intel Chief: Russians trying to interfere in elections, aiming to "weaken and divide" U.S. ahead of midterms, U.S. official: Russian spy worked in U.S. embassy in Moscow for a decade before discovery, Prosecutors: Manafort spent millions on electronics an

White House touts plans to fight election interference after Trump repeatedly calls Russian attacks a "hoax", Ivanka Trump: media not the enemy of the people; White House press secretary refuses to say the same, FBI director: foreign influence threat is "broad and deep"; says task force working nationwide to combat it, Mueller seeks interview with Russian oligarch and pop star son who encouraged Trump Tower meeting, NSA Director hints he's authorized to hit back at cyberattacks, intel chief:...


 2018-08-03  37m

Trump: AG Sessions should stop Russia probe right now; Prosecutors: May not call star witness in Manafort trial; Giuliani: Trump team received response form Mueller on possible interview

White House: That's Trump's opinion, "not an order"; Giuliani: "No presidential order was issued or will be"; Trump's call for Attny Gen Sessions to end Mueller probe raises new questions about obstruction of justice; White House: Trump "does not support violence against anyone"; GOP Senators: Trump can't ask Sessions to end Mueller probe; Say Russia investigation must move forward; Prosecutors describe Manafort's lavish purchases, but jury is barred from seeing his luxury items; FBI Agent:...


 2018-08-02  37m

Prosecutors paint Paul Manafort as "shrewd" liar as trial begins for former Trump campaign chairman; First witness already testifying as trial begins for former Trump Campaign Chairman Manafort; Prosecutor: Manafort had a $15,000 ostrich jacket, hid his m

Trump campaigning as first Mueller trial begins; Echoes his lawyer, saying "collusion is not a crime"; Facebook removes suspected Russian fake accounts used to spread disinformation ahead of midterms; Trump campaigning for Florida Republican candidate as source says he wants to do more political rallies; Trump campaigning in Florida tonight; Source says he's concerned about GOP losing control of the House; New details about Bob Woodward's upcoming book "Fear"; Trump attacks billionaire GOP...


 2018-08-01  37m

Trump won't say if he feels betrayed by Michael Cohen as Giuliani steps up attacks on Trump's former fixer, Trump threatens government shutdown over border wall; calls U.S. "laughing stock of the world" on immigration, Trump threatens shutdown, offers tal

Trump: "no preconditions" for meeting Iran's leaders; says he'll meet "whenever they want", Giuliani reveals claims of Trump Tower strategy session before sit-down with Russians, then denies it happened, Donald Trump Jr's Lawyer says "fully confident of the accuracy and reliability of his testimony, Giuliani attacks "scumbag" Cohen, suggests collusion not a crime in wide-ranging and confusing new defense of Trump, Trump threatens government shutdown over border wall; calls U.S...


 2018-07-31  36m

Trump denies advance knowledge of 2016 Trump Tower meeting; Sources: Michael Cohen says Trump knew of talks with Russians; Putin: "ready" to go to Washington, invites Trump to Moscow

White House: Trump open to Moscow visit pending formal invite; Democratic senator says Russian hackers targeted her office; Putin: Trump "wants to keep his promises to his voters"; Trump national security team meets on election cyberattacks; North Korea returning apparent remains of U.S. Troops;


 2018-07-28  38m