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The Space Show focuses on timely and important issues influencing the development of outer-space commerce, space tourism,space exploration and space development. The Space Show is committed to facilitating our becoming a space-faring nation and society with a growing and self-sustaining space-faring economy. The Space Show also focuses on other related subjects of interest to us all.

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Adam Johnson, Wednesday, 07-1516 (His new 2001 book)

Adam Johnson was the guest regarding his new book "2001: The Lost Science: The Scientists, Influences & Designs from The Frederick I. Ordway III Estate." This is his second 2001 book and as he said, his last one. We talked about the movie, the scientists behind it, the long last influences of the movie and the designs. The book is very well documented with high resolution photos. Our discussion was very interesting, often revealing new information about Stanley Kubrick, Harry Lange, Arthur C...


 2016-07-16  1h28m

The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars, Wednesday, 7-13-16

Welcome to Hotel Mars featuring John Batchelor, myself and our guest of honor, Dr. David Shalloway. Our double segment program focused on new information about the moon of Saturn, Titan. You can read the Washington Post article about the chemistry and discoveries at During our nearly 19 minute double segment, Dr...


 2016-07-14  19m

Dr. Karen Jonscher and Dr Virginia Ferguson, Tuesday, 7-12-16

We welcomed both Dr. Karen Jonscher and Dr. Virginia Ferguson to the program to discuss their research on mice livers from aboard the space shuttle suggesting that long duration spaceflight might cause liver disease in the astronauts. Our guests explained their research and their findings and what it might mean for long duration HSF, particularly to Mars. They also explained why this research is important. Read the full summary of this program at www.thespaceshow...


 2016-07-13  1h34m

Scott Lowther, Monday, 7-11-16

We welcomed Scott Lowther to the program for a 2 hour 5 minute discussion about nuclear pulse propulsion. Scott spent considerable time defining nuclear pulse propulsion, the history behind it included the former Project Orion project and much more. Listeners had several questions for him with both emails and phone calls. Read the full summary of this program at for this guest on this date, Monday, July 11,2016.


 2016-07-12  2h5m

Ope Lines, Sunday, 7-10-16

Welcome to our Open Lines Program. During the first segment of our 1 hour 54 minute program, we made several important announcements including the dedication of today's program to the memory of Dr. Molly Macauley who was murdered last Friday in Baltimore. Molly was a guest on The Space Show several times and a friend. We and everyone who knew her will miss her. John from Ft. worth was our first caller to talk about mass...


 2016-07-11  1h53m

Dr. Joel Green, Friday, 7-8-16

Welcome to our 1 hour 28 minute discussion with Dr. Joel Green regarding the James Webb Space Telescope. This was a comprehensive discussion about the telescope, the science that is expected to come from the telescope, telescope operations, comparisons with Hubble and other Earth-based telescopes and much more. Read the full summary of this program at for this program and guest on this date, July 8, 2016.


 2016-07-09  1h28m

The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars, Wednesday, 7-6-16

We welcomed Dr. Michelle Thaller to the program to discuss the arrival of Juno at Jupiter, to highlight certain aspects of the voyage from Earth to Jupiter, Juno's instrument package, radiation shielding, and much much more as this was a double segment Hotel Mars program. Read the full summary at for this program on this date, June 6, 2016.


 2016-07-09  19m

Dr. Joe Bassi, Tuesday, 7-5-16

We welcomed Dr. Joe Bassi to the program to discuss his new book "A Scientific Peak: How Boulder Became a World Center for Space and Atmospheric Science." During our 90 minute segment, Dr. Bassi told us the story of how Boulder, Colorado became the center for space and atmospheric science in addition to becoming known as Astro Boulder. The story is fascinating plus the personalities behind the story were unique and have not been discussed on The Space Show up until now...


 2016-07-06  1h30m

Courtney Stadd, Friday, 7-1-16

We welcomed Courtney Stadd to the program for this 1 hour 29 minute discussion. We covered commercial space, space policy, NASA from many perspectives, riding in a centrifuge, suborbital space and vehicle profiles plus much more. Read the fully summary at for this program, July 1, 2016.


 2016-07-02  1h29m

The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars, Wednesday, 6-29-16

Welcome to a double segment of Hotel Mars. The first segment features Dan Adamo recorded on Wednesday, June 22 with a focus on the newly discovered NEO, HO3. The second segment was recorded Wednesday, June 29, 2016 and featured Anatoly Zak with new developments with the Proton rocket in that they are making the Proton Light version plus Russian plans for the ISS and their own space station. Read the fully summary at for the Hotel Mars program dated June 29, 2016.


 2016-07-02  20m