The Steve Austin Show

Live from Hollywood, CA by way of the Broken Skull Ranch, Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Action Movie/TV star, Steve Austin talks about anything and everything that pops into his brain. Steve shares tales from his new life, unbelievable past adventures, talks to pro wrestling name it, Steve's on it. For more episodes, go to Got questions?

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SASu - EP242 - Ted Fowler

Oh lord! Look who made it to LA! @TedFowler361 hauled ass from Rockport, TX to hang out at 316 Gimmick Street in-person! Get ready for truck talk, beer talk, BSC set talk, some handyman work, and a little Easton Corbin!


 2015-07-30  1h16m

SASu - EP240 - Wade Keller Returns

Wade Keller returns to the Steve Austin Show, and this time he's bringing four-letter words & thoughts on this week's RAW! He & Steve breakdown the 6-man match with Cena & Kevin Owens, The Undertaker promo, the pull-apart...


 2015-07-23  1h15m

SASu - EP238 - Johnny Mundo

Johnny Mundo aka John Morrison aka Johnny Nitro stops by 316 Gimmick Street to talk Lucha Underground! He also explains how he went from majoring in geology in college to pro-wrestling! Hear why he left WWE, how he learned to speak Spanish,...


 2015-07-16  1h40m

SASu - EP236 - Eric Van Wagenen

Eric Van Wagenen worked with Steve on "Tough Enough" 2011, and is now an Exec Producer & Show Runner for the El Rey Network's "Lucha Underground." He's telling the Lucha story - from finding a ring location to...


 2015-07-09  1h38m

SASu - EP234 - Two Man Cluster F with Ted Fowler

It's a TWO MAN cluster fuck with Steve Austin & Ted Fowler at the Broken Skull Ranch in Texas! Topics covered: kayfabin' Kristin, Jedi mind tricks, buttermilk, french toast vs pancakes, bear claws, tomatoes, Wally World, foods...


 2015-07-02  1h38m

SASu - EP232 - Del "The Patriot" Wilkes

Del "The Patriot" Wilkes has traveled a seriously tough road - prescription pill addiction that at its worst found him taking 120 pills a day; 10 months in prison; and two bad injuries that ended his pro-wrestling career. But somehow,...


 2015-06-25  1h43m

SASu - EP230 - I've Always Been Crazy...

Steve's telling tall tales... or is he?! He's also answering your questions about squatting, batman, gimmick pool sticks, coke zero, Bigfoot, 80s hair bands, moonwalking, and Rick Rude. He's got workout tips, a tour of his set...


 2015-06-18  1h53m

SASu - EP228 - NXT, Arn Anderson & other Wrestler Talk

Steve Austin's taking on Big Foot on the set of the Broken Skull Challenge... and then he's answering your questions. He's talking NXT, Arn Anderson, wrestling lingo, and Daniel Cormier. You'll hear his take on jam vs jelly,...


 2015-06-11  1h25m

SASu - EP226 - CT Fletcher

CT Fletcher Motivation goes head-to-head with Stone Cold in the LBC! The World Powerlifting Champ has a few tips on lifting, eating right, eating crazy, cussing, and surviving rough childhoods. He's also got an amazing story about defying...


 2015-06-04  1h42m

SASu - EP224 - Sam Roberts

Podcast host, Sirius/XM radio personality, and die-hard wrestling fan, Sam Roberts brings "What's the happs?" to 316 Gimmick Street! He and Steve talk favorite wrestlers & matches, Sting's future, the A-level talent...


 2015-05-28  1h39m