They're Terrified & Tipsy

A witty comedy podcast recapping scary movies while drinking wine. Join hosts Stefanie and Courtney as they heavily judge a new horror movie each week over some wine! These girls have opposing feelings about horror movies...Courtney LOVES them and Stefanie HATES them! Listen each week as the girls watch a different scary movie separately and share their emotional struggles together. Each episode is full of reactions, opinions, and pure silliness as Courtney and Stefanie discuss their newest movie. So grab a glass of wine and your favorite couch blanket and enjoy the ride with them! CHEERS! Visit us at

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61. Midnight Mass (2021) - Episode 7

Hi Friends! Ok so we're starting something new! For the next few weeks, we'll be covering the new Netflix miniseries Midnight Mass! If you haven't seen it, get started so you don't miss any episodes!! For ad-free episodes a day early plus awesome...


 2021-10-25  47m

62. Trick 'r Treat (2007) - Patreon Pick!

Hi Friends! Happy Halloween!! The Spooky Season is upon us and what's a better way to spend it then listening to the Patreon Pick for October! This week we watched Trick 'r Treat from 2007! We weren't exactly sure what to expect but really ended...


 2021-10-27  1h18m

63. The Babadook (2014)

Hi Friends! Today we talked about The Babadook! So many people asked us to do this movie and we were happy to do so....even though we had very mixed emotions about it! What did you think? For ad-free exclusive content a day early, and to pick a...


 2021-11-03  1h28m

Bonus Episode (Ad-Free!): The Babadook Movie Review (with SP Filmviewers Podcast)

Hi Friends! We had so much fun with our friends at SP Filmviewers podcast (go to for more of their episodes)!! A few weeks ago we went on their show and talked about The Babadook and since we just released our...


 2021-11-10  1h2m

64. 28 Days Later (2002)

Hi Friends! Today we talked about 28 Days Later! Ok so Stefanie obviously was NOT excited about yet another zombie movie BUT she still did her best to have a fun time! [insert zombie noises!] For ad-free exclusive content a day early, and to pick a...


 2021-11-17  1h24m

65. Chopping Mall (1986) - Patreon Pick!

Hi Friends! Here's this month's PATREON PICK! CHOPPING MALL! What can we say about this movie? Robots... 1980's mall... Lasers... Stefanie enjoyed it... Courtney absolutely did not! LOL! To listen to ad-free episodes a day early, plus get tons of...


 2021-11-24  1h5m

66. Addams Family Values (1993)

Hi Friends! Today we talked about Addams Family Values! Technically this was our Thanksgiving episode (since, you know, Pugsley dresses like a turkey at one point), but close enough! Tell us what you thought. Cheers! To listen to ad-free episodes,...


 2021-12-01  1h22m

67. Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

Hi Friends! What is happening with this movie?? Killer Klowns? And do they HAVE to be from Outer Space?! We know it's a cult classic movie but...the 80's, man! Have you seen this movie before? What are your thoughts? Let us know your thoughts in...


 2021-12-08  1h33m

68. Us (2019)

Hi Friends! Oh wow! This movie really messed with us! This week we watch the movie Us released 2019. What did you think about this movie? For ad-free episode and exclusive fun content, visit our Patreon: Visit...


 2021-12-15  1h36m

69. Krampus (2015)

Hi Friends! It's our Christmas episode!!! This was such a fun episode! What did you think of Krampus? Have you seen the movie before? For ad-free episode and exclusive fun content, visit our Patreon: Visit...


 2021-12-22  1h33m