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Since launching Three Sides of the Coin has been viewed or listened to over 7,000,000 times. Three Sides of the Coin has been joined by special guests including former KISS lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, the Black Veil Brides' Andy Biersack, Frank Munoz associate producer for Ace Frehley's Anomaly album, award winning songwriter Adam Mitchell, Ed Kanon (Peter Criss' drum tech), and Kevin Valentine (drummer on KISS' Psycho Circus album). Three Sides of the Coin was recently picked (October 2013) as a 'What's Hot' podcast by Apple's iTunes. In the early '90s, Michael Brandvold launched the fifth ever website on the Internet devoted to KISS, KISS Otaku. He built, launched and maintained (KISS' official web presence). He now owns Michael Brandvold Marketing, providing providing marketing services and digital strategy to musicians. Tommy Sommers spent 15 years on the record show circuit collecting, trading and selling memorabilia / Kiss merchandise. He is now a successful residential Real Estate agent in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Tommy has also produced a KISS song For The Oddfathers and is the owner of Rock Steady Digital Photography...

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Ep 141 The Best of the Worst KISS Albums

Episode 141, September 1, 2015. This was a painful episode to record. We each listened to our five worst KISS albums and then created a 10 song album containing the best songs from those bad albums. Thanks for putting us through this punishment Mark!


 2015-09-01  1h35m

Ep. 140 Joe Perry When Asked If He Auditioned for KISS, No Comment

Episode 140, August 25, 2015. Three amazing discussions this week: new evidence that Vinnie Vincent may have actually saved KISS. Neil Peart of Rush disses KISS. And… Eddie Trunk on why Ace Frehley won’t be back in KISS.


 2015-08-26  1h36m

Ep. 139 Hirsh Gardner Talks About Recording with Vinnie Vincent

Episode 139, August 18, 2015. We stay in the New England camp this week, Hirsh Gardner, the drummer from New England joins us to share his amazing stories… being the Aucoin offices the day Peter Criss was fired from KISS.


 2015-08-19  2h10m

Ep. 138 Gary Shea Talks New England, Alcatrazz, Warrior, Vinnie Vincent & Cooper – Shea

Episode 138, August 11, 2015. Gary Shea Talks New England, Alcatrazz, Warrior & Vinnie Vincent. Gary has many stories to share with us… how New England got their record deal, how they secured Bill Aucoin as manager,


 2015-08-12  2h6m

Ep. 137 Scooby Doo and KISS, Our Review & Religious Protests

Episode 137, August 4, 2015. Scooby Doo and KISS Rock and Roll Mystery, Our Review & Religious Protests. It’s Scooby Doo special this week! We start off discussing the religious protests happening around the DVD and happening on our Facebook page.


 2015-08-05  1h17m

Ep. 136 KISS Merchandise, How Much Were They Making in 1978

Episode 136, July 28, 2015. KISS Merchandise, How Much Were They Making in 1978. We are joined by special guest Lisa Martini who a KISS collection that even impresses Mark. We discuss and analyze (like nobody else) 5 pages outlining KISS merchandise sa...


 2015-07-29  2h29m

Ep. 135 KISS Stage Props, What Happened to Many of Them

Episode 135, July 21, 2015. KISS Stage Props, What Happened to Many of Them? We are joined by special guest Jacques van Gool KISS fan and owner of Jacques tells us many stories about auctions for Sean Delaney, Eddie Kramer,


 2015-07-21  2h37m

Ep. 134 KISS Business Documents from 1977 & 1981

Episode 134, July 14, 2015. Tommy fills on in on what happened when he met Ace Frehley. Mark shares a couple KISS business documents that came directly from Bill Aucoin. Documents from 1977 and 1981 discussing how KISS should invest their money in 77 a...


 2015-07-14  1h52m

133 Did the Success of KISS Alive! Fuel the Explosion of Disco Music?

Episode 133, July 7, 2015. Three main topics this week… Book reviews of Me Inc. by Gene Simmons and the Neil Bogart biography Going Platinum… Did the success of KISS Alive! fuel the explosion of disco music?….


 2015-07-07  1h54m

Ep 132 The General of the KISS Army Joins Us, Bill Starkey

Episode 132, June 30, 2015. The founding General of the KISS Army Bill Starkey joins us this week. You will not find a more humble member of the KISS Army than the guy who literally started it. Bill reveals the truths and lies behind the stories you ha...


 2015-07-01  2h22m