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What happens when software eats the world? Industry veterans Paul Ford and Rich Ziade chat with their friends about technology, design, and business from a distinctly East Coast point of view. Decades of experience inform their no-BS, quick-witted patter about what digital transformation really means. Created by Postlight, the digital product studio they co-founded in New York City

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episode 298: Show Your Work: On Determining Your Professional Path

Both Rich and Vicky didn’t start off in software, so how did they end up there? This week Rich is joined by Postlight’s Head of Product Management, Vicky Volvovski, to talk about their professional paths. They discuss what drives them and share tips on how to get that next role you have your eye on. Hint: Don’t be afraid to show your work in progress.


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episode 297: What’s in a Name?: On Words and Meaning

Acronyms can feel cheesy, but they sure are effective — in the world of software and beyond. This week Paul and Rich discuss the value of naming your initiatives and urge you to embrace the inevitable acronym that will follow. They chat about how strong naming can help teams internalize processes and rally around projects. They also discuss how the power of naming has been a powerful communication tool of the pandemic.



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episode 296: On Managing Your AWS Bills: With Corey Quinn

If you've been a customer of Amazon Web Services, you know the billing nightmares of services that weren't built to talk to each other. After learning firsthand, Corey Quinn founded The Duckbill Group to help companies tackle their confusing and wildly expensive AWS bills. This week, he joins Paul and Rich to share advice on cutting down your AWS bill and tips on what cloud services you should be using...



episode 295: A Remote Success Story: With Postlight’s Vicky Volvovski

As you know by now, Rich and Paul were itching to get back to the office. They craved those IRL moments that spark conversation, build relationships, and foster innovation. This week, Senior Director and Head of Product Management, Vicky Volvovski, argues that all of that can be done remotely (and done well!). After working from home for a decade, Vicky shares her favorite tools to set up a deliberate remote working environment, build team relationships, and conceive great products...



episode 294: Forms Have Function: With the MTA’s Joshua Gee

The MTA is one of the largest transit systems in the world, and recently, Postlight helped take it digital. This week Joshua Gee, Director of Digital Customer Experience at the MTA, joins Paul and Rich to get into the nitty-gritty of updating massive government systems. From legacy platforms to procurement to getting different parts of government to talk to each other, they chat about implementing new tech platforms at the government level and why it is often so difficult...



episode 293: Relationship First, Software Second: On Agency Product Management

This week Chris and Gina sit down with Nathan Henry and Vicky Volvovski of Postlight’s PM leadership to talk all things product management at a client services firm. Nathan and Vicky share ideas on building lasting client relationships and break down how to structure client workshops to get at the root of the problems you’re trying to solve. Then, they discuss what questions you should be asking to gain trust and encourage your clients to open up...


 2021-08-10  38m

episode 292: Fender Digital: With Ethan Kaplan

Since the 1950s, Fender has been one of the leading names in music. Six years ago, Ethan Kaplan pitched Fender to build out a digital take on a traditionally analog experience — guitar lessons. This week, Paul and Rich sit down with Ethan to discuss how he pitched the idea to the team and why Fender needed a digital strategy. He also shares valuable project management advice and REM album recommendations. Links: Ethan Kaplan Twitter Fender Play Fender Tune


 2021-08-03  27m

episode 291: Transferring Motivation: On Creating the Space to Get Things Done

Deadlines might be the best productivity tool invented to date. But what are other ways to motivate your team? This week Paul and Rich grapple with how to operationalize work processes without exerting too much power. They also give cheeky tips for employees to navigate deadlines with their bosses. Links: Paul Ford - Wired


 2021-07-27  26m

episode 290: New Leadership: Paul and Rich Pass the Torch

Exciting things are happening at Postlight! This week Paul and Rich introduce the new President and the new CEO of Postlight. Paul and Rich explain why they are stepping back into their roles as Co-Founders and share what they’ll be doing next. Also, Gina Trapani and Chris LoSacco talk about their new roles and what they envision for the future of the firm. Don’t worry — the Postlight Podcast isn’t going anywhere. 


 2021-07-20  32m

episode 289: How to Talk to Billionaires

Billionaires live in a different reality — but that’s no reason why you can’t connect, communicate, and collaborate. This week Paul and Rich share tips for successfully communicating with the wealthiest leaders. They explain the importance of keeping it simple and why billionaires often respond with gusto when you tell them what they shouldn’t do.


 2021-07-13  31m